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Do you hate to shave? Do you want silky smooth skin without razor bumps or stubble?

With HOMILEY IPL, you will never shave again.


If you’re the person that regularly shaves their legs, arms, face everyday just to be consistently smooth.

 using this device will save you the stress of shaving.

Do you hate shaving, plucking or tweezing?

Are you dealing with hormone-causing excessive body and facial hair?

homiley alternative to shaving and waxing

Homiley IPL saves you the stress of shaving or waxing everyday. 

After 6months of using this device, you will be highly impressed and practically hairless.


The IPl Hair Removal is Effective

So far so good, it removed my hair effectively and also comes with a pair of glasses to protect my eyes when shaving.  Cecelia

Get Now $129 $109

✓ 95% hair re-growth removed

✓ 3x faster on any body part

✓ It takes just 15 minutes to use

✓ Completely pain-free

✓ 10+ year use-life & No refills

At Home IPL: Enjoy 6months Hair-Free Skin

Save hundreds of dollars and have your IPL sessions at the comfort of your home.

Homiley IPL hair removal is proven to deliver beautiful silky skin in a short time.

at home ipl laser

Is Homiley IPL Safe?

Homiley is MEDICAL cleared and clinically proven to work for Face and any parts of the body.

Unlike most IPL laser hair removal handsets, Homiley is one of the few Home IPL devices cleared for home use.

It comes with an inbuilt failsafe sensor, a protective system that prevents skin damage from excessive flash.  


Laser technology is higher, effective, and achieves substantially better results than IPL treatments. However, the IPL device also works effectively on the skin.

Yes. The IPL light energy targets the hair’s melanin pigment by heating the hair follicles and eventually damaging them to stop hair regrowth.

IPL hair removal possesses the properties of a laser. In other words, Laser is higher, but both devices work amazingly.

No. IPL hair removal does not cause skin cancer. The device is sometimes used for treating forms of precancerous signs in the skin.

However, ipl hair removal uses light energy to target the unwanted hair root effectively.

Skin cancer often occurs due to too much exposure to certain high light levels in the UV range.

When People are exposed to UV in sunlight and some high artificial light sources, such as tanning beds, etc., have a high energy wavelength beyond the human range of vision and could be dangerous to the skin.

No. The device cannot burn your skin if it is used according to the instruction on the user’s manual. Burning may occur when misused or you use a fake IPL product.

There are a lot of at-home IPL hair removal devices on the market today, but unfortunately, not all are unique.

Suppose you are interested in an at-home lPL hair removal device. 

In that case, it is vital to research and Purchase from a unique and reputable company like Homiley that offers the best top leading at-home IPL hair removal handsetwhich is very effective. 

This super device will make your skin silky smooth and hair-free. It is incredibly gentle and safe to use on the skin. 

The answer is no. The effects of IPL or Lasers on tattoos are negative,
such as severe blistering, scarred, pain, and burns to the skin. It would be best never to use IPL or Laser on tattoos; it is harmful to the skin.

Though no research has proved the device to affect pregnant or lactating women negatively, there is also no evidence to guarantee it is safe. As such, medical practitioners advise all pregnant or lactating women to wait until they have finished breastfeeding before commencing Laser & IPL hair removal.

Not at all. The IPL device is a gentle, pain-free hair removal device that targets the hair follicles and destroys them without hurting the skin.

The device delivers short flashes of light, similar to a camera flash, to target stretch marks, scars, acne, sun damage, wrinkles, rosacea, and spider veins.

Unlike other handset like Ketch beauty, Nood IPl, Rosacare hair removal, Homile IPL can also reduce pore size, treat acne scarring, and increase collagen production to beautify your skin’s surface.

Yes. The IPL is a very effective skin care product for treating rosacea and hyperpigmentation. In some cases, the response to treatment varies, and some people may need more than one session to achieve the desired result.

Results are usually apparent immediately, but the treated area may take several weeks to fade in some cases. But people with broken capillaries often get a result in one treatment session.

The answer is Yes. IPL laser treatment is an advanced Clinic DIY method for an effective and accessible way to deal with broken capillaries, eliminates unwanted hair, and helps you regain smooth, clear, and beautiful skin.

We often fight wrinkles, dark spots, and bumps that emerge across our faces as we advance in age.

Modern technology such as homiley IPL devices helps us nurture and regain healthy skin after treatment for a glowing and youthful appearance.

You can do an IPL hair removal treatment as often as 2- 3 times weekly to achieve an optimal result. I will advise you to strictly adhere to instructions in the manual as treatment may vary from person to person.

You will start seeing results after two weeks or more, according to the nature of your hair.

If you have light hair, you will start noticing results from 1-2weeks of treatment, but if you have coarse or thick hair, the effect becomes visible from 4-6 weeks of usage.

With persistent treatments, you will notice improvement sooner than mentioned above. All hair will fall off after 8 – 12 of the treatment session.

Research shows that IPL treatment rejuvenates the skin, an effective way to improve the appearance of the skin. It also has been found to enhance photoaging skin significantly.

Though the side effects are rare, they often occur when the device is not correctly used according to the user manual. Below are some of the side effects that may occur when the device is wrongly used, these side effects are temporary.

  • Light bruising.
  • Redness
  • Swelling.
  • Itching.
  • Peeling.
  • Scabbing.

It treats the deeper layer of the skin by stimulating collagen production and improving the texture, erasing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the skincare products that eliminate wrinkles. Being a non-invasive method, it can reduce wrinkles and replenish your skin’s youthful glow.





homiley alternative to shaving and waxing
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