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5 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures in Modern Age

5 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures in Modern Age

Almost all of us now know someone who has gone to a specialist or plastic surgeon for a cosmetic procedure. Perhaps for facial treatments, laser hair removal, botox, breast augmentation, nose reshaping, chemical peels, to get rid of belly fat, or for cool sculpting.


Some of the procedures you would find now can make radical changes, while others will give you more discreet results, leaving your family and friends wondering how exactly you achieved the positive improvements.

 Cosmetic procedures have traditionally been popular with females. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a lot of men are also going for them now.


5 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

With the fading of social stigmas related to these processes, millions of men are also now asking for these procedures. Both men and women are now refusing to accept features they are not comfortable with.

They want to get rid of the signs of aging and want to get back their younger look.


Here are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures for 2021 ; 



Lip Fillers Cosmetic Procedure

Hyaluronic acid lip filling improves the look of your lips. It adds structure, shape, and volume. Lip fillers will work quickly to give you fuller lips. The process can also rectify poor lip structures. It is not an expensive or risky process, provided you are in the hands of a trained and experienced professional.


The human body produces hyaluronic acid naturally. So it’s not a harmful chemical that will be injected into you. The acid helps us retain water so that our bodily tissues can stay moist and well lubricated.

It is something like nature’s own moisturizer. However, with advancing age, the human body produces less hyaluronic acid.


Administering lip fillers will just take 20 minutes. The process can also be reversed if for some reason you are not satisfied with the new appearance.


Laser Hair Removal


This is the process of getting rid of unwanted hair. In this process, pulsating beams and laser will break down your hair follicles and prevent them from growing back.

 It will take the hair about 6 months to grow back. But even then, the new hair will be so fine that it will be almost completely unnoticeable.

Get your laser hair removal process done by a trained team. You will find gadgets you can use at home. However, doing it yourself can be risky. 

Your skin tone may change, you may develop blisters, and also experience a burning sensation. Experts will do it safely. There will be no side effects or pain.


Botox Injection Cosmetic Procedure

The botox treatment is administered with a simple injection. The dermal filler will soften the wrinkle, which will make the forehead lines, furrows between your brows, and crow’s feet around your eyes look smooth.


Patients receive the botox injection, which infuses botulinum into the skin to fight the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.


The human skin suffers as we age, and there are cracks and wrinkles that make us look aged. Thanks to botox treatment, we can reverse the signs of aging and make ourselves look younger again. After the treatment, you will have a more youthful look.

The dermal fillers are most effective on the wrinkles present in your lower face. They will also work very well on your smile lines. The fillers will also work on the plump areas, which have deflated because of age, like your cheeks and lips. 



Botox is an effective anti-aging treatment. It is non-surgical and cheap. The recovery time is also less. However, make sure to get botox treatment from a reliable source like the Byou Clinic of New York, United States, of Dr. Ammar Mahmoud.


According to Byoulaserclinic: “Botox is a type of dermal filler that injects botulinum under the skin to fight against things like wrinkles and fine lines on the face.”



Liposuction is the process of removing extra body fat deposits. It also improves body proportion and contours. 


Specific body areas will be reshaped and slimmed down like the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, upper arm, calves, neck region, and inner knee.


This is not just a cosmetic process. Sometimes liposuction is medically necessary because excess body fat can cause many physical problems, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, gall bladder stones, type-2 diabetes, gout, sleep apnea, and even stroke.




Coolsculpting is an alternative way of removing body fat. It is non-invasive and much safer than liposuction because the process is non-surgical. 

There is also no risk of post-procedure infection or scarring because your skin will not be compressed. There is also no downtime or aftercare. Also, you don’t need to prepare before the procedure.



Unlike other methods that focus on shrinking the fat, the process of coolsculpting involves Cryolipolysis, where your fat cells will be frozen and excreted from your body. Only the targeted cells will be affected.

The process won’t affect your skin cells or muscle. You will begin to see a difference in only 3 weeks. Your body will keep removing the fat cells. It will take around 2 months for you to get the final results.


 Coolsculpting can be carried out in your abdomen, arms, lower back, buttocks, inner thighs, hips, and knees. After treatment, the area will have a firmer shape. The fat cells will not refill, so they cannot expand again.


Chemical Peels 

This treatment is meant to improve the appearance of your skin. The chemical peel solution makes the skin exfoliate and peel off, allowing new, healthier, and fresh skin to grow in its place.


This is a completely safe procedure that can help you get rid of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, remove sun damage, and correct uneven skin tones.


You can go for superficial peels, medium peels, or deep peels. Medium peels can effectively remove your moderate facial wrinkles and lines. However, a deep peel may be recommended if the wrinkles are deeper.

The chemical peel will also make your skin feel silkier. This will improve how your skin absorbs skin-care products.


The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It also gets constantly exposed to the elements like the sun’s rays and rain. So we must take good care of it. However, sometimes, cosmetic procedures are required.

They can help if there is too much damage or when you want to boost your overall appearance.


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