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7 Types Of Bikini Wax Style You Will Love

types of bikini wax styles

If you are new to bikini waxing, you might be quite confused about what you need and how to do it. This is because there are numerous types of bikini wax styles.

7 Types of bikini wax styles

However, you don’t have to worry too much about the right bikini wax style to choose as this article will show you various options available.

  1. Au natural

A lot of individuals may not consider au natural to be a type of bikini wax style, but it is.

This style is about leaving your bikini line hair the way it is.

 It is 100% natural and helps you to avoid the pain of waxing your bikini line. In addition, it does not cost you anything to leave your hair to grow.

Unfortunately, au natural may be unsightly when you wear a bathing suit or bikini. 

So, if you want to remove hair in your bikini line but you don’t want to wax your hair, you may want to get a Beauty Rose IPL Hair Removal handset. It removes hair in the bikini line without eliciting any pain.

  1. Full bikini wax

This bikini wax style involves the removal of hair around the panty line.

 It goes deeper to outline the areas around the pubic area. With this waxing style, you will get a more pronounced triangle area. Also, you can determine the amount of hair you want to remove from each area.

The full bikini wax is easy to maintain. Hence, it is recommended for beginners.

However, you may not want to put on some kind of bathing suit or bikini wear after doing this style.

  1. French bikini wax

full bikini waxThe French bikini wax will remove all hair in the front part of your bikini line and leave only a small strip.

This style will not remove the hair from the back; hence, it looks different from the Brazilian wax style.

If you are interested in getting Hollywood or Brazilian types of bikini wax style, you can start with a French bikini wax. It is less painful and less stressful than other types.


Nevertheless, you may need to tweeze the hair to ensure a neat and clean shape. If you don’t know how to use a tweezer, this could lead to pain or minor injury.

To prevent an injury, you should go for the Homiley IPL Hair Removal. It is a simple-to-use and affordable hair removal tool that doesn’t cause any pain.

  1. Brazilian bikini wax

When you are looking for the most common types of bikini wax style, you shouldn’t overlook Brazilian wax. It is used for removing all hair in different areas of the bikini line (both the front and back parts), but a small strip of hair is left for aesthetics.

In other words, this style will get rid of the hair around the butt, labia, front, and butthole. Notably, the small strip left could be shaped like a square, rectangle, or triangle.

This style is recommended for people that prefer an almost hairless bikini line. Comparatively, the Brazilian bikini wax style is more expensive and painful than other types. As a consequence of this, we don’t recommend this bikini wax style for beginners.

  1. Hollywood bikini wax

The Hollywood bikini wax is similar to the Brazilian wax style. However, unlike Brazilian wax, Hollywood wax does not leave any strip of hair. 

That is, this style will remove all hair in and around the bikini line (both front and back). Therefore, there is no strip of hair to shape.


Given its approach, the Hollywood bikini wax is for those that want to get rid of all hair completely. It keeps the pubic area neat and smooth. So, you can wear any kind of bathing suit, bikini, etc. with this type of bikini wax style.

Despite its benefits, Hollywood bikini wax is painful and pricey. Even after the procedure, you may still experience some forms of itchiness, unpleasant sensations, etc. in the bikini area for a few hours or days.

So, if you are a beginner, you should avoid Hollywood bikini wax like a plague. You should rather buy and use a IPL Hair Removal to get rid of hair around the bikini area. It is painless and can be used at home without any supervision.

  1. Full moon bikini wax

Although the full moon bikini wax is a relatively new bikini wax style, it has become popular. This style requires the wax technician to get rid of the hair at the back and labia but leave the hair on the front area. 

The front hair is then shaped into a circle, which resembles a full moon.

This style looks like Brazilian wax style, but the shape of the front hair is different. 

Several people are choosing this style because of its beauty. However, you will need to shape it often to keep the circle. Also, it increases the risk of ingrown hair.

  1. Heart-shaped bikini wax

The heart-shaped bikini wax is another well-known style that involves the removal of hair from the back and labia. 

But the front hair is left and shaped like a heart. In most cases, stencils, scissors, and tweezers are used for shaping the hair.

Only an expert should handle this bikini wax style to avoid an injury.

While heart-shaped bikini wax is also beautiful, it also requires lots of shaping. In addition, it makes you susceptible to ingrown hair.

Besides, many salons/spas don’t offer it; hence, the few ones that offer it tend to charge exorbitant fees for the style.

Would you like to have any of these bikini wax styles? Some of them can be difficult to do for an inexperienced individual.

Therefore, you should be ready to visit a spa to get any of these types of bikini wax styles.



However, if you don’t want to go through the stress involved in visiting a spa for a wax, we recommend that you go for the Homiley handset today. It is a well-engineered hair removal tool that anyone can use at home.