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Homiley #1 Rated At-Home IPL Hair Removal 

Do you hate to shave? Do you want hairless and beautiful Lux Skin? HOMILEY HANDSET will glow your skin like never before.

Homiley offers DIY laser hair removal

The silky skin hair removal brings along with it an easy alternative to professional hair removal treatment from the convenience of one’s home. 

The device works by getting rid of the hair follicles and is entirely safe for everyone to use, including amateurs. 


It introduces a fast and easy to shave opportunity that helps women to earn glowing skin

IPL hair removal lets women achieve flawless skin in just about 8 sessions. 

Enjoy 6months Hair-Free Skin

Save hundreds of dollars and have your IPL sessions at the comfort of your home.

Homiley IPL hair removal is proven to deliver a beautiful silky skin in a short time.

Is Homiley Safe?

Homiley is FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven to work for Face and any parts of the Body.

Unlike most laser hair removal, Homiley is one of the few IPL devices cleared for home use.

It comes with an inbuilt Failsafe sensor, a protective system that prevents skin damage from excessive flash.  

6months permanent IPL hair removal

Enjoy 6months Hair-Free Skin

Dermatologist has proven the device is capable of reducing 75% of hair in as little as 3 treatments.

After the 4 – 5 treatments, you should already be able to see the desired results. To maintain smooth skin always, do touch-up every 4-weeks.

After you reached 8 touch-up treatments, you can enjoy a perfect hair-free smooth skin for up to 6 months.

Smooth, Gentle Hair Removal For All Skin

color skin type

The IPL is easy to use and can work for most skin color tone. 

It gives a comfortable feeling on the Skin when emitting flash. 

It can gently and effectively do a full body treatment in 10 minutes. 

6months permanent IPL hair removal

Enjoy 6months Hair-Free Skin

No experience in laser hair removal?

Homiley has your back.

You do not need to be an expert to use this device.

Just click, switch, and go! See visible results are a few sessions.

After 8 sessions, you can see silky-smooth skin that will last up to 6 months.


color skin type

Homiley is perfect for all kinds of skin colors and skin conditions.

You can be 100% sure that every use will be safe and perfect for your skin. 

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