HOMILEY office


Our mission is to create affordable heat therapy products for better wellbeing. 

Our Goal

At Homiley, we strive to improve people’s health and well-being through the meaningful innovation of home use heated therapy products.

We believe as well as making our products more accessible and affordable to purchase.


Our products are licensed, safe, and easy for people to use from the comfort of their homes. 

We want to make life better, beautiful, and worth living through innovative home living products.


To ensure that success is repeatable at Homiley, we prioritize our customers and provide the best products at affordable price. 

This allows us to build a strong relationship with customers and drive improvement across our company.

We strive to deliver superior, long-term value to our customers and shareholders. We aim to grow Homiley responsibly and sustainably.

Our strategic view on healthcare

  • Helping our customers achieve better and healthier living with our products
  • Helping people to take better care of their health at home.

We apply our innovation and design expertise to create new products and solutions that meet your home needs.