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5min Guide to Arm Waxing + Pros & Cons U must Know B/4 Wax

101 Guide to Arm Waxing + Pros and Cons

Arm waxing refers to a simple process that allows you to remove hair under the armpit through the use of wax. Generally, waxing is one of the common means of removing hair around the face, arms, and other body areas.

Waxing arm hair involves the coating of a thin layer of wax over the arms. Then, a muslin strip will be placed on the layer. Once the strip is pulled, the hair will be pulled out from its root. Although this method can be quite painful, it is often effective for removing hair from the arm.

Simple steps to waxing Arm

This article will discuss the various steps we can use wax to eliminate unwanted hair from our body parts easily.

  1. Take a bath and wait 24 hours before waxing your arms, and For optimal results, it’s vital to clean and dry the skin thoroughly before applying wax. LuxSkin Complete Professional Waxing kit is a natural-based product.
  2. After cleaning the arm, apply a small amount of baby powder to soaks up any excess oil on the skin. It will minimize irritation and allow the wax to adhere better.
  3. Heat the Mylee wax according to the package instructions and get wooden spatulas, non-woven strips, or a clean surface.
  4. When waxing the arm, always start from the shoulder down to the wrists, then apply a small amount of wax to the hair growth direction.
  5. Cover the wax on your skin with a hair removal strip immediately and smooth it over the wax on your skin using your palm about 3-4 times to enable it to adhere properly.
  6. Then wait for 5-8 minutes, then pull the wax strips in the opposite direction of your hair growth for best results.
  7. Repeat the same process until all hair in the area is removed correctly, and wipe any sticky residue left on the arm using a wet towel.
  8. Apply Aloe Vera gel or any gentle moisturizer after each waxing session to calm the skin.

Pros and Cons of arm Waxing

Pros and Cons of Waxing

Pros of arm waxing

If you are considering waxing your arm hair, here are some of its benefits:

  • Unlike shaving, you don’t have to wax your arm every few days.
  • Waxing doesn’t take lots of time and money. Hence, it is a cost-efficient method that you can count on.
  • When compared to shaving and a few other methods, waxing provides a longer result. After waxing, the hair may not grow for about 3 to 6 months based on your hair growth rate.
  • Waxed arms offer you an awesome appearance, which can be a good boost for your body image. This is especially true for swimmers, models, trainers, and other people that exercise regularly.
  • Clothes will look and feel great on you after waxing your arm hair.
  • Hairless arms provide more convenience when performing any skincare routine, such as moisturizing and exfoliating. Hence, waxing can aid your ability to have glowing skin.

Cons of arm waxing

Before waxing your arm hair, you should note the following drawbacks:

  • In general, waxing is somewhat painful. Hence, you should prepare for the initial hurt when going for the procedure.
  • Waxing can make your skin feel a bit more sensitive. This is because the hair serves as a protective cover for the skin. Therefore, removing your arm hair with wax can expose the skin to different elements.
  • Waxing may over-exfoliate your skin. Hence, you may experience some levels of irritation after waxing your arm hair.
  • Waxing may cause patchiness in the treated areas. Nonetheless, this is usually the case when you wax yourself. So, it is recommended that you should hire the services of a professional for waxing your arm.
  • In a few people, there may be an extreme reaction on the skin due to skin sensitivity.

The best alternative to arm waxing

Do you have a problem with using waxing to remove hair from your arm?

Do you dread the pain that arm waxing can cause? If yes, you should consider other arm hair removal methods that are available.

The best alternative to waxing arm hair is the use of IPL hair removal.

This simple yet effective method doesn’t require any technical know-how or experience to use.

Recommended safe IPl hair removal device

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Unlike waxing, this method doesn’t hurt you and has no risk of infections.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it a bad idea to wax your arms?

 No, waxing arm hair is a good idea because there are loads of benefits attached to it. 

Foremost, you will not need to shave too regularly and may also avoid having any skin irritation. Waxed arms are also easier to exfoliate and moisturize. 

How long does arm wax last?

How long it will take arm wax to last depends entirely on how fast your hair grows.

 On average, the arm hair will grow back after about 3 weeks. Nonetheless, it will take a more extended period to grow back for some people while shorter for others.

Is it better to wax or shave arms?

 Comparatively, none of these methods is better than the other. Everyone has to consider the pros and cons of each method before deciding the one to go for. 

While waxing is painful, it provides a longer result than shaving as it removes the hair from its roots. 

On the other hand, shaving requires lots of maintenance, but it is usually cheaper and less painful than waxing. Again, the better choice depends on you.

Does waxing arm hair make it grow back thicker?

 No, waxing doesn’t make your arm hair grow back thicker. In fact, this hair removal method performs the opposite by causing your arm hair thinner, patchier, and lighter when growing back. 

So, if you think your arm hair is growing back thicker after waxing, you should consider seeing a dermatologist as there may some underlying factors.

Why do I have white hair on my arm after waxing?

After waxing the arms regularly, You may notice new growth of faded white or grey tiny hair strands. 

Constant hair removal by waxing can damage the hair follicles, which are tiny sacs that line the skin cells and cause new hair growth to be finner and thinner-looking greyish. 

The hair follicles have pigment cells known as melanin, which gives the hair its color; once it is destroyed through waxing, hair follicles can lose pigment (new hair cells lose their color), resulting in white or grey color.


Can I wax if I have some skin conditions like acne on my arm? 

You can not wax the arm if it is infected with acne. In that case, you are advised to use the IPL device to remove hair from such acne-prone areas of the skin. 

The IPL device will eliminate acne and unwanted arm hair. If you use wax in such as area, you might get the skin bruised, irritated, infected, and scars, rashes, moles, sensitive spots, and many more. 

Though most people might suggest trimming, it won’t get rid of the acne. Therefore, If you have any wounds on your arm, please do not wax.


How long does arm waxing last?

The arm waxing results become visible after 4 -6 weeks to remove the hair root. 

Though you might see the instant result at the skin surface but take a longer time to eliminates the hair root.


What causes a girl to have hairy arms?

Women develop excessive arm hair due to higher abnormal levels of androgens present in the body. 

In other words, androgen is a natural synthetic steroid hormone that regulates the development and maintenance of hair follicles.  

All females produce androgens, but the levels typically remain low. Some health situations can cause a woman to produce many androgens.


Why is my arm hair growing back so fast after waxing?

Your arm hair may grow back quickly after waxing because it can only remove the top hair. 

Therefore the hair beneath your skin tends to grow out once the upper ones are removed. That is why it may seem like your hair regrowth become faster after waxing. 


What is the best way to get rid of arm hair?

The IPL hair removal device is the best way to get rid of arm hair and any unwanted hair in other body parts.

Though there are many ways to get rid of arm hair, the IPL handset is safer when compared to waxing, permanent hair cream, electrolysis, shaving, and other hair removal methods.

Do models shave or wax their arms?

Do models shave or wax their arms?

Most models use advanced technology (modern techniques) to get rid of an arm hair.


Though there are various hair removal options, they can use. Still, the IPL device is best at eliminating stubborn arm hair and gives a long-lasting result, unlike most hair removal product that works temporarily. 


Some temporal hair removal methods include shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and tweezing, which are old-fashioned since the innovation of IPL devices like Homiley IPl, Philip Lumia, and many others delivering long-lasting hair removal treatment.


Is underarm waxing the same as other body waxing?

Yes. Since unwanted hair is present there, it can be treated with waxing just like any other part of the body where unwanted hair is present. 


Since the underarm is delicate, it can easily get irritated by harsh treatment. 

One may suggest soft wax or shaving, as it will only trim the hair’s surface, leaving the root untouched.

How Often Should You Wax the arm?

You are recommended to wax the arms for 4- 8 weeks to achieve the best result. 

Such large areas of skin require frequent waxing to get rid of hair. Every non-sensitive body parts require longer treatment as legs, arms, etc.


If you are treating any skin challenges with Retinol-based products, ensure to stop the treatment for a week before waxing to avoid adverse reactions. 


Another essential factor to consider when deciding how frequently to schedule your waxing treatment sessions depends on your hair growth rate. 


Your hair growth rate is influenced by several factors: your health, genetics, and diet. 

Due to these factors, you will clearly understand your hair growth cycle and schedule your treatment appropriately because not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate.

How do you get rid of arm hair naturally?

You can get rid of arm hair naturally using lemon and baking soda, and many more.

  • Mix two spoons of baking soda and lemon juice.
  • Add a small quantity of water.
  • Then heat the mixture for 15-20 minutes and allow it to cool. 
  • Apply it on the hairy arms using a small spatula and then allow it to 

Work for about 20-30 minutes. 

  • Wash it off with cold water, using your fingertips to rub in a circular motion.
  • Then pat skin dry and wait for 10mnutes before applying your moisturizer. 

Does waxing armpits reduce smell?

Yes. Eliminating hair from the underarm removes smell from the body. The armpits hair retain water during sweating and result to body odor. 


Like every other hairy part of the skin, if it is not adequately maintained, it can cause severe body odor. 

Therefore, using waxing, IPL device method to remove hair from the underarm or other body parts reduces body odor.

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