100% Satin Sleep Cap Protects Braids & Curly Hair While Sleeping

If you’re looking for the best sleep cap, Homiley Bonnet is right for you. Homiley Satin sleeping bonnet is an ideal haircare cap for men and women with dreadlocks, curly hair, and braids. Best sleep cap to buy for healthy and beautiful hair.
Sleeping Cap For Braids & Curly Hair

Best Sleeping Cap for Braids

Homiley offers one of the best sleeping caps for braid and curly hair in the market.

It also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy hair appearance for people with dreads and braids.

Bonnet for men & women.


Is it bad to sleep with a braid?

Some people don’t have a problem sleeping with a braid but it’s not advisable to sleep without a bonnet as it protects your hair from foreign elements.

Homiley Silk Bonnet helps to preserve your hair moisture and allows it to attract oxygen while sleeping.

it gives you adequate comfort and protects your hair from breakage.


bonnet for braids



Are Sleeping Caps Good for Your Hair?

A sleeping cap is good to maintain hair longevity.

Homiley sleep cap is Perfect for men and women with curly hair, short, medium, and long hair.

Amazing sleeping cap for men with dreads or locs.

Easily package your hair before bedtime without any problem.


sleeping cap for men


Does a night cap help you sleep?

Our nightcap can help you fall asleep quickly. It is long enough to pull down over the eyes while sleeping if desired.

The Bonnet cap for sleeping has an adjustable snug or band that is not too tight, stretchable in nature, and doesn’t hurt or discomfort you while asleep.


It is convenient to wear curly, braid hair on dreadlock, and over the wig.


What are the benefits of wearing a Homiley sleep cap?

  • Protects your hair: One of the major reasons people wear sleep cap is to protect and preserve their hair.

Our satin-lined cap holds your head gently but strong enough from fallen off during bedtime.

  • Keep your natural hair tidy: Generally, a sleep cap keeps your hair tidy looking good after waking up.

The dread cap is very good for people with short, medium, and long hair.

  • Gives you a refined look: The Bonnet fits in coarse, thick, wavy, or unruly hair by helping you to refine your look for the day.

It creates a beautiful look or classic style.


hair cap for sleeping


Protects Braids When Sleeping

The silk hair wrap for sleeping is Soft, Breathable, Comfortable for your hair.


Homiley head cap looks as good as new and keeps its properties after wash.

Satin bonnet is an ideal haircare cap for men and women with dreadlocks, curly hair, and braids.

How do you wear a sleeping cap with curly hair?

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