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Braun IPl Pro 5 Vs. RoseSkinco Laser 100% Comparison

Rose Skin Co vs. Braun IPL Review

Rose Skin Co vs. Braun IPL Reviews/comparison by Cynthia. We conducted a 30mins interview with Cynthia (Homiley customer), she had used Braun and RoseSkinco laser hair removal in the past months. These are her thoughts about the handsets; I hope these interviews will help you make an informed decision on what handset to buy.

Braun IPl Pro 5 Vs. RoseSkinco Laser Review

Braun and RoseSkin co laser hair removal

Question: Tell us your Experience with Rose Skinco & Braun

Answer: Ahm, I don’t know where to start, but generally, there is a clear difference between the two. My first handset was Rose Skin IPl; I bought it via a recommendation on Facebook. It cost a little over $100 include shipping.  

The product looks impressive but didn’t go too well for my skin. After two months of use without much result, I found Braun silk expert pro 5. I think It cost over $300 plus. I bought it and worked fine for me.


I noticed within five weeks of use; my hairs were greatly reduced. Braun pro is terrific I can recommend to anyone.  

How Safe is Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 and Rose Skin IPL Laser?

Question: How Safe are they?

Answer: Braun pro came with a precision cover for tackling those small areas of the body like face, bikini, and underarms. I didn’t see any skin burn or damage while using Braun Ipl.

Rose Skin laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body. My roommate has blond hair, and it worked so well for her. I think Rose skin co is suitable for people with blond hair.


Rose Skin Co vs. Braun IPL Review

Question: Tell us about the LifeSpan 

Answer: Based on the user manual, Braun claimed to deliver an equivalent of 22 years of treatment about 400,000 flashes While Rose skin laser can deliver up to 10 years of treatment about 200,000 flashes. From what we have, Braun silk expert pro 5 lasts longer than Roseskinco.

Roseskinco vs braun ipl pro 5 expert review Tell us the Experience on your skin?

Question: Tell us the Experience on your skin?

Answer: I think Braun pro 5 IPL hair removal system supports most skin tone and hair colors. It worked for me. 


It comes with an energy tuning that allows you to make changes to power levels depending on your skin tone and hair color. 

This feature makes it easily applicable to most skin.

As reviewed by Lux Skin Beauty, We found Rose laser hair removal is suitable for light skin and works for blond hair. 

I know ‘because it worked for a friend of mine with blond hair.  


Question: Why Did you Switch from Braun pro To Homiley?

Question: Why Did you Switch from Braun pro To Homiley?

Answer: I’m not too fond of the idea of replacement parts because a little drop can render the device useless. I wanted something small, compatible, and coming as one without open parts. Aside from the little downside, Braun silk pro 5 is lovely.

On my search for a new handset, I discovered Homiley Beauty Rose Skin is a perfect choice for me. It looks compatible, Silky, no open parts, and the price was irresistible only $109.  

Rose Skin Co vs. Braun IPL Review

Question: Why have you Chosen Homiley over These brands?

Answer: One of the reasons I prefer Homiley IPl over similar brands is adaptability; it automatically adjusts to your skin tone to provide some balance level.

Final Thought Braun IPl Pro 5 & RoseSkinco Laser Hair removal Handset Review

Both Braun and Roseskin are terrific products that work it;’s unique way. If you have a more disposable budget, I will recommend Braun. If you have a lean budget, you can try Rose skin co laser hair removal.

However, if you indeed care about getting something small, compatible, try Homiley hair removal. With Homiley, you will see results as quickly as possible in less than 8 treatments.

rose skin laser hair removal

“I have done seven treatments so far on my face, and the hair growth has slowed. I will highly recommend this product to anyone. It’s worth every penny!”


“I love it. I was a bit skeptical initially, but I have noticed significant differences in growth and thickness. I am happy with this product.”

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