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Brazilian laser hair removal – Best Alternative??

Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing – Not For me.

Brazilian laser hair removal – Best Alternative??

I’m Jenny, I regret my Brazilian laser hair removal so embarrassing, side effects, and a total waste of money. Yes, I know it works not until you have tried your body treatment yourself with this home IPL hair removal device.

Beauty and body maintenance is a personal choice; do whatever you think is right for you. If you like me that love privacy and simplicity, you will find this article helpful. 

Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing – Not For me.

Brazillian hair removal cost a lot of money (upwards $400/session), uncomfortable feeling when you let a stranger get access to your intimate areas. It might be okay for some people but me a BIG NO.

 Honestly, I haven’t seen anything more embarrassing having a stranger toy around with my private part when she isn’t my doctor in the name of laser hair removal.

I have lots of hair and grows too quickly. I do wax and shave often, and with inconvenience, pain and recovery process makes me go insane.

Bikini  brazilian laser hair removal Side effects – So Much hate

Bikini  brazilian laser hair removal Side effects – So Much hateAs I said earlier, I hate my laser hair removal in the salon because it comes with side effects and doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. 

Every month I go back for the same treatment and come home in pains. It’s so burdensome and cruel to my living.  

What will my life become if I hadn’t found an IPL handset with a preferably better result and pain-free? 

These are the problems I suffer from after Brazilian treatment.

  • I notice discoloration on my skin
  • Prolong redness on my skin
  • I feel extreme pain, and later blisters, and swelling.

To crown it all, I feel ashamed when I meet the same people who did my Brazilian anywhere. What a life!

Final solution to my pubic laser hair removal

Final solution to my pubic laser hair removalThanks to IPL new technology developments, it is easier for people like me to do my bodywork from the comfort of my home.

There is no better feeling when you step into your bathroom and step out with smooth skin without worrying about shaving and annoying pains and blisters aftershave. With Homiley laser hair removal, say goodbye to your old way of shaving and Brazilian-monthly-routine.

I became a big fan of HOMILEY because they have changed my life with this piece of device, and I can’t thank enough than helping to create this piece of content to my fellow ladies.

What I love about the IPl hair removal..

The IPL Handset will give superiorly long-lasting for up 6months hair-free after 8- 12sessions (Including Touch-ups). 

When I look at my body every morning, I feel happy. After my bath,  I feel so refreshed as if I’m creamed with fresh oak butter.

When I’m doing my body treatment, it looks like a regular daily routine. 

The feelings you will get after treatment will make you want to do it over and over again. It’s less stressful and breezy. Order here

What to Expect with permanent hair removal treatment?

Please note, No hair removal treatment is forever permanent (Brazilian or No Brazilian). However, the handset is more permanent hair removal treatment than shaving and waxing. I did my full body treatment in less than 30minutes from home.

Unlike the Brazilian laser hair removal, it has an almost unnoticeable side effect, No pain, No burns, No Blisters, last longer, and cheaper.

The IPL handset emits light energy and destroys the hair follicles to stop the growth of hair. It gives you an unforgettable experience, clean skin with no stress.

What to Know before getting at-home Laser hair removal

what to expect getting laser hair removal
  • The whole procedure and sessions usually take around 4-12 weeks. But the hair removal results last longer than 6 months and take a lot lesser time when doing another treatment.
  • You might experience slight pain, but it dies off immediately, unlike the pain to come with Brazilian hair removal that lasts over a week.
  • Exfoliating in shower speeds up the hair removal processes. I love to use perfect skin facial brush for this purpose. 
  • Getting treated after sun exposure can cause a burn. Although the device is safe, we have a stick to little precautions to stay safe.

Frequently Asked Question

Can i wax before laser hair removal?

Waxing is not necessary before the hair removal process. However, Before you start your treatment, you need to shave for maximum results.

Who can use the IPL handset

The handset specially designed for women of all ages. It works for most skin colors and gives no side effects.

Is the laser hair removal safe for Brazilian

The IPL handset is safe for treatment and works for all skin types. Most of the Homiley users say they experience warm feeling and prickly itching when using it. You may also see the redness of skin, which dies off immediately, is normal during or after the treatment.

Final Thoughts..

Brazillian hair removal is a matter of choice. Some women prefer to do their body treatments in the saloon, while some don’t feel comfortable having their private done outside. However, if you feel embarrassed and agonized in body pain and blisters aftershave or Brazillian, HOMILEY IPL is worth Buying.

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