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Can I Exercise After Laser Hair Removal?


You are not allowed to workout or exercise after laser hair removal for best results. However, this only applies to professional hair removal treatment. 

At-home laser hair removal will enable you to do other flexible routines without unnecessary precaution.

Can I workout 12 hours after laser hair removal?

If you’re currently undergoing professional laser hair treatment, it’s not advisable to workout or do any rigorous-sweating activities after your treatment.

Sweating could cause skin irritations, further leading to blisters, skin reactions, and rashes. Keep away from the gym at least 48hours after hair removal.

However, if you are performing home treatment with an IPL device, you may skip workout 12hours after hair removal treatment.

Can I lift weight after hair removal?

Lifting weight may not be advisable as it may cause you to sweat, leading to unfavorably skin reactions. 


However, if you think minor weight lifting will not cause you to sweat, go ahead.

If you must stay active, take a short walk rather than intense exercise.

We generally recommend keeping away from all forms of exercise or weight lifting after hair removal treatment. Just keep your skin cool and comfortable.


Why can’t I exercise after professional laser hair removal?

During treatment, the laser is applied in the hair follicles, which cause temporal redness and swelling of the follicles. 

At this point, the skin becomes sensitive to the external reaction. When the skin comes in contact with sweat that contains bacteria, it will worsen hair follicles’ sensitivity, causing rashes, skin infection, and redness.  

For these reasons, it’s advisable to keep away from external activities, exercise, heat, or sun that will cause the body to release sweat. 


The fear of these precautions and consequences can be avoided using an alternative to professional laser hair removal device.

What Type of exercise should I avoid after my laser session?

Can i exercise after laser hair remova

As I have mentioned earlier, avoid any form of exercise that produces sweat. 


Some of the exercises to avoid include running, cycling, long walk, Yoga, weight training, etc. 



After treatment, it’s recommended you stay away from these activities for 24-48hours until the follicles goes back to normal.


What other things must I avoid after laser treatment?


  • No Exfoliation–Avoid exfoliating totally for 4-5 days after laser hair removal treatment. 

After the recommended number of days, while exfoliating, do it gently. If you’re using an exfoliating brush, use the softer replacement head to get the job done. 


  • Shaving– Do not be tempted to shave your skin for five days after laser treatment. However, shaving is allowed between sessions. Though, you can do plucking or tweezing. 

Of course, the reason why we do laser removal is to say goodbye to razor shaving. Be patient and let the laser treatment do its job.

Finally, Should you exercise after laser treatment?


  • Put on something loose and breezy to enable your skin to recover quickly after bikini or laser hair treatment. Avoid wearing jeans or tight clothes. 
  • Apply skin moisturizers, oil on the treated areas. You may also apply Aloe Vera on your skin and clean off while taking your bath. 
  • It is time to take off, relax, and give your skin sufficient time to recover. 
  • Do not scratch your body unnecessary; when you feel itchy, gently massage the area until you feel okay.
  • Do not shower; give your body time at least 24hrs. In your first bath, do it with little warm water. 

Can I exercise after Home IPL Hair removal?


Choosing the right laser hair removal method is your choice. Professional treatment costs a lot of money associated with lots of pain and stress.


Though the procedure works, however, getting a simple handheld device will save you stress and money.


There is No unnecessary need to avoid exercise after treatment. With this IPL hair removal, you are always on the go.

You will visibly see 90% hair loss in just a few sessions. 100% pain-free. No more clinics, waxing, or waiting days before you can exercise. It’s easy to use at home.


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