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Can laser hair removal burn skin?

Can laser hair removal burn skin

No, laser hair removal cannot burn your skin. Though side effects are expected after the laser hair removal treatment, skin burns are not usually one of them. 

If a burn happens, this could mean the treatment was not done adequately or done by a non-professional.

However, sometimes a person’s skin type may be sensitive and incompatible with the laser device. 

You need an at-home homiley beauty rose IPL to deal with unwanted hair. 

The device is safe for skin most skin types, gentle on the skin, easy to use, and effective despite the volume of your thick hair growth.

Is laser burn permanent?

No. laser burns are not permanent; they will heal in no time. 

If you want quick recovery, try to take care of the wound, avoid any hair removal treatment for that period, and try to visit your doctor for a checkup once in a while. 


Do laser hair removal burns go away?

Yes. They will eventually go away. You need to calm down and follow your burn healing treatment instructions. 

It will take a few weeks to heal, but it might take a couple of months if the laser burn is severe. 

The burn will definitely fade while you continue your prescribed drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen.

How do you treat laser hair removal burns?

A burn that occurs during a laser hair removal treatment is essentially like any other burn caused by heat. 

Though they might not appear noticeable like that of fire or boiled water but can be very painful.

Below are the steps to treat laser hair removal burns;

  • You have to cool down the burned area. It is not advisable to use iced water or lukewarm water, just normal room temperature water to calm the burning sensation.
  • Avoid applying creams or other aloe vera cooling gel over the burn.
  • You are recommended to use a layer of clean cling film to lay and cover the burned area, and you should wrap it loosely or just lay it on top of the burn.
  • Try to refrain from scratching the healing wound.
  • Your doctor will ask you to take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help with the pain, following the instructions carefully provided by the manufacturer.
  • You will definitely see improvement after a few weeks.

How long does laser hair removal burn take to heal?

Burns due to Laser hair removal heals within 3-4 weeks.


If you want a quick recovery, you must avoid any treatment on that part of the body and stop exposing it to ultraviolet rays while taking the healing medicine. 

Can laser hair removal burn your face?

Yes. There is a risk of laser hair removal burning the face when the treatment is done incorrectly.

Most burns sustained after laser hair removal result from the treatment being carried out by a non-professional. 

When a professional laser technician carries out hair removal treatment, there will be no burns or blistering on the face. 

We will advise you purchase a homiley ipl handset to do your laser hair removal treatment at home without getting your skin burnt. 

You don’t need to be professional; just follow the user instructions adequately.

Do laser burns leave scars?

Laser burns do not leave scars but exposing the wounded area to the UV rays does. 


In case of burns during laser hair removal treatment, try to protect your skin from the sun until your skin heals from the burn. 

If the sun’s harmful rays contact your treated skin, you can develop a scar. 

How do you treat an allergic reaction to laser hair removal?

You can treat an allergic reaction to laser hair removal by keeping the affected area moist and avoiding direct sunlight exposure. 

However, this occurs in rare cases; only a few patients have reported experiencing irritations after laser hair removal treatments.

If you are allergic to professional treatment, you can take Benadryl to relieve it or get an IPL handset for hair removal.

Why is my skin pink after a laser burn?

The pink skin discoloration you see in your burnt areas results from healing progress, and it is just a normal healing process after a wound, and there is no cause for an alarm. 

How do I get my skin color back after a laser burn?

You will definitely get your original skin color back when the wound is healed completely.


You need to be patient and allow the burn to go away, or you can cover it up with makeups concealer like a color corrector to give you confidence until you get your normal skin back.

 Does laser burn skin go back to normal?

Yes. After laser burn, the scar will fade away, making your skin back to normal.

Though this might seem like forever but will eventually go away, you don’t need to worry much.

However, it might take 12-18 weeks for the scar to fade away completely.

Do burns get darker as they heal?

Yes. If the burn is severe, it might get darker while healing. This type of laser burn is referred to as Second-degree burn.

If they are not treated appropriately, that skin area may permanently become dark.

What does a first-degree burn look like?

Most first-degree burns from laser hair removal are burns that occur in a small surface area of the skin, but if they are not adequately treated, they can escalate to larger sizes. 


They usually appear as a dry, discolored area of the skin. Burns on light skin may look red, whereas burns on darker skin may occur reddish-brown.

Typically, first-degree burns are just minor burns and do not break the skin or form blisters.

When does a burn blister?

Laser burn becomes blisters when it’s not properly taken care of or treated incorrectly. 

If you compress or tight wrap a burn, it will cause the skin to blister.

You should wrap loosely and take the required medication while avoiding hot weather, and don’t forget to apply aloe vera cooling gel for easy healing.

Can laser burn result in eczema?

No. laser burns cannot result in eczema. 

During the healing process, you may notice some white, grey, or pinkish discolorations, they are not eczema but new skin trying to form over the wound; with time, they will get to the original form. 


It’s actually nothing to worry about; the healing is in progress. 

Is Vaseline good for laser burns?

Yes. You can apply petroleum jelly(Vaseline) 2-3 times to speed up the healing process by helping the burned skin area to retain moisture and heal more quickly. 

Vaseline and aloe vera gel are very effective home remedies for minor superficial skin burns like first-degree burns. 

Does pigment return after a laser burn?

Yes. The pigment will return after the wound is healed.

Though the recovery period may take time, especially people who use hydroquinone (bleaching chemical) base creams may find it difficult to regain the skin pigment.

You will recover, and your skin will come to normal, but avoid chemical base creams during the healing period. 

How to prevent laser hair removal burns.

Here are the simple prevention mention for laser burns;

  • The laser hair removal treatment should be carried out by a professional.
  • Ensure the right instrument is used, and the clinic has a good reputation.
  • Try to do the necessary prep before undergoing the treatments.
  • Try to get examined and know the suitable laser energy for your skin.
  • If you are unsure about laser treatment, get an IPL handset to do your treatment manually.

What helps burns from laser hair removal?

You can apply some antibiotic creams prescribed by your doctor to the burn. 

These topical creams will help soothe the affected area and protect the burned skin from tetanus.

However, you should never apply any cream that is not prescribed by a medical expert on laser hair removal burns; if you do, you will counter adverse effects.

Bottom line

As with any cosmetic treatment, errors are meant to happen if the treatment is not done by a professional.

However, laser burn occurs due to an inappropriate treatment procedure; laser hair removal burn is rare but can be totally avoided when a certified professional carries out the treatment. 

One should ensure that the skin is compatible with the laser before commencing the treatment. 

You easily avoid the risk of laser burns by getting an at-home hair removal device.



How To Treat Laser Hair Removal Burns

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