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Can Laser hair removal cause or help acne?

Can Laser hair removal cause or help acne

No, Laser does not cause acne. However, during laser hair removal treatment, you are indirectly treating other skin problems like pimples, acne, and lightening dark spots.

In most cases, unwanted ingrown hairs facilitate acne bacteria development, causing inflammation and rashes.

Using an at-home IPL hair removal device can significantly help acne-prone skin.

Therefore, removing unwanted hair means substantially reducing the presence of acne on the face or any part of the body. 

Many customers reported significant improvement after using the IPL device. 

They see more advantages than using the regular shaving method that causes skin irritation; with an IPL, shaving can be avoided.

Does laser hair removal clear acne scars?

Laser hair removal treatment can fade your acne scars and make them less noticeable.


However, no study has shown laser treatment can clear acne scars completely.

With frequent removal of unwanted hair, you could prevent acne from developing in your skin.

Can lasers cause acne?

 In some cases, acne can break out after laser hair removal due to clogged pores during the treatment.

Though not everyone, it happens mostly to people with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, it is better to get a homiley ipl handset to enable you to adjust the energy to suit your skin type. 

Laser hair treatment usually uses high energy, which can open your pore and result in acne, but with an IPL device hair removal, you can adjust your heat energy to suit your sensitive skin. 

Which Laser is best for acne scars?

The best Laser for treating acne scars is profractional laser treatment. 


This laser device is an excellent choice for people with acne scars, as this treatment essentially resurfaces the skin tissue to help develop new skin cells on the scar’s surface.

This laser treatment has helped many patients fade away acne appearance, making it one of our popular options to erase acne scars. 

A recent study has shown IPL devices to have also been effective in fading away acne scars in a few treatment sessions.

A professional laser device takes 45 minutes to get acne treatment done, while an ipl handset takes more time to get it done.

Does laser hair removal cause spots?

Yes. But these spots are just the course of the treatment; they will eventually go away soon. 

It is just a mere reaction from the beam energy treatment, and If you are someone with light skin, you’re likely to have darker spots from laser hair removal, while brown skin people will have lighter spots. 

There is no cause for alarm, and they will eventually heal in a few days.


Can acne scars be removed permanently from laser treatment?

Laser treatment will fade away acne scars but may not permanently remove them. 

However, acne scars can improve independently with constant laser hair removal treatment. 

A study has shown that some anti-aging serums and creams like retinol go a long way in improving acne scars on the face, but they may take a longer time and constant usage to remove them completely.

How many laser sessions does it take to remove acne scars?

It takes 3-4 laser treatment sessions to get acne scar fades. You must be patient when trying to get rid of acne scars from your skin, most people see improvement after 3-4 sessions, but some may not. 

So for people with such stubborn scars takes up to 6 weeks to see progress, then you need an additional procedure for more severe treatment to see the result. 

You can get a homiley ipl handset to do your treatment comfortably at home until new collagen (skin) forms over the scars to save you stress and money.

Does acne scar laser treatment hurt?

No. using a laser device to treat acne doesn’t hurt, and it is just like your usual laser hair removal treatment. 


Depending on the energy setting, you may feel a little bit hot, zappy, and tangling sensation over the treating area. 

However, you can apply a soothing gel to the treated area to calm the skin. 

What is better for acne scars, Microneedling or Laser?

 Laser treatment is better for acne scars than microneedling. Laser treatments often provide quicker, more effective, and long-lasting results than microneedling treatments.

However, lasers use heat to treat the skin problem without hurting the skin. 

On the other hand, micro-needling is painful and might cause bruising, swelling, redness, and darkening of the skin. Therefore, a laser device is the best for treating acne scars. 

How many laser treatments do I need for acne?

Typically, it takes 4-8 laser treatment sessions to get acne patients to notice the optimum result.

 Acne treatment is usually performed in the clinic for safety reasons. But you can still get an ipl handset to carefully carry out your treatment yourself, following the user guidelines.


Can laser hair removal affect your hormones by causing acne breakout?

Yes. Due to hormonal imbalance, you might experience acne breakout after laser hair removal treatment. 

Especially people with sensitive skin are prone to experience such issues after clinical laser treatment but can be prevented by using wavelength suitable for your skin. 

You can avoid these reactions by getting examined before your laser procedure. 

We recommend you get a homiley ipl laser device which is sensitive skin-friendly, to do your treatment gradually to avoid acne breaking out.

How do you treat acne after Laser resurfacing?

If you experience acne after laser treatment, your doctor may ask you to take an antibiotic.

You can stop the treatment for that period while the antibiotics dry up the acne. 

Antibiotics can help reduce the acne breakout issue and make it easier for your skin to recover faster. Then you can resume your laser treatment.


Are acne scars unattractive after Laser?

Not really. Acne scars won’t be noticeable after laser treatment, so they won’t make you look unattractive. 

Since Laser works to erase them, you can easily cover them up with powders, or if you like makeup, it will be an excellent way to make them disappear. 

The good news is you’re your laser treatment will surely fade away sooner than you can imagine.

Is Laser for acne scars safe?

Yes, Laser devices are very safe for acne treatment. Laser treatment does not focus only on removing unwanted hair but treats acne, pimples, and hyperpigmentation

Most people require several sessions and sittings to eliminate most acne and pigmentations. 

We also advise people to take good care of the skin to have better results with laser treatments.

Can acne scars come back after laser treatment?

It is not certain, and it is just a few patients reported to have experienced acne scars after laser treatment.


However, no research has shown that laser devices have permanently eliminated acne scars, and laser treatment can only fade acne scars, not remove them immediately. They will eventually go away after a while.

Does laser treatment help hormonal acne?

Yes. The laser device can treat hormonal acne while destroying the hair follicle

The device can use light energy to kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin while damaging the follicles and stopping acne breakout.

Will IPL Get Rid of My Acne Scars?

The answer is yes. IPL devices can as well fade away acne scars. Ipl works more like a laser, but ipl can be used by anyone as long as you follow the instructions, while only professionals can use a laser. 

So we can say an IPL is a manual form of Laser; both devices do an amazing job in taking care of the skin. 

Acne scars can be a difficult skin condition to treat; red discoloration and an uneven complexion may occur during this process.

Gradually using your ipl to treat acne scars will enable the skin to build new collagen and erase acne scars better. 


Collagen is the tissue responsible for producing new skin cells over a scar.

How much does a laser cost for an acne scar?

According to the American Society of dermatologists, the average cost of laser hair removal at the clinic is usually $429 of laser hair removal. 

However, the cost of treatment varies depending on the area you which to treat. 

If your budget is low, we will advise you to go for homiley beauty rose IPL handset for $129 to use and re-use from the comfort of your home.


Can Laser hair removal cause or help acne?

 Laser hair removal treatment can eliminate acne from your face by killing the bacteria causing the breakout. 

We have learned that laser hair removal can be multitasking during hair removal treatment, and the device also fades away acne scars and improves skin appearance.


However, few patients who have reported having experienced acne breakout after laser treatment can result from sensitive skin and lack of self-examination before the treatment is carried out. 

As an individual going for laser hair removal, you should be cautious of your skin type or get examined before undergoing the treatment to avoid an adverse reaction from your hormones or enable the laser technician to adjust the energy to suit your skin.

If you are not sure of your skin type, we recommend getting a homiley ipl handset since it is suitable for most skin types.


Will IPL Get Rid of My Acne Scars?

Can I get laser hair removal if I have active acne and acne scars? 


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