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Can laser hair removal lighten underarms?

Can laser hair removal lighten underarms

Can laser hair removal lighten underarms? You may be wondering if laser hair removal can make your underarms lighter. The answer is yes. Laser hair removal can make your underarm look lighter by getting rid of hair that causes shadow under your armpit.

Many people argue it doesn’t lighten the skin itself, but I don’t think it lightens the skin but makes it appear so because the hair roots are removed.


However, there are various ways to lighten underarms such as underarm lightening creams, Coconut oil, egg oil, lemon, turmeric, orange pill, cucumber, and potato. These lists are few ways to lighten underarms without laser hair removal. 


What you need to know about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular ways to get rid of hair without damaging your skin.

Its flexibility is why many women use it a lot; it removes the hair follicles on the skin by generating pigmentation, which its light absorbs.


The benefit of laser hair removal that many never thought about is resolving darker pigmentation in the underarms. Once it resolves it, your underarms will not be darker than your skin on the other part of the body.



How laser hair removal lighten underarms

How laser hair removal treats dark armpits - However, there are various ways to lighten underarms


As we said earlier, the underlying reason why laser hair removal lightens underarm is after getting your laser hair treatment; it does not just remove your hair but also removes the hair shadow.

It also removes the ingrown hair and the stubble. After this, you will be amazed at how lighter your armpits will feel and how clean it will be. 

If you have the dark armpit problem, laser hair removal can also remove it, and this is something you will never achieve if you’re still sticking with wax or shaving stick.



How it works

The light beams produced by the laser hair removal are specifically made to target follicles or hair roots. 

Once you apply correctly, the light beams destroy the growing hair under your armpit and damage future hair growth. 

Unlike shaving or wax where you can get cut, laser hair removal removes your armpit hair painlessly.

What to expect during Laser Hair Removal

Before you apply the procedure, your underarm hair meant to undergo treatment will be trimmed down to little heights above the skin surface. 



For about 20 to 30 minutes, topical numbing medicine is usually applied to sting the laser pulses. 


After then, you can adjust the laser hair removal setting to the thickness, location, and color of your hair and skin being treated.


Is Laser Hair Removal worth the stress?

It depends on what you’re expecting from the Laser Hair removal. The reality is that your armpit, as a lady, says a lot about you and your hygiene. 


If your hair is overcrowded with hair, then you’re on your way to develop blemished underarm skin due to persistent abrasion as a result of shaving and exfoliating. 



So if you want to hear the truth, laser hair removal is the fastest solution to reducing excessive hair under your armpit without any side effects. It’s seriously worth it due to its ultimate solution.


It Yield Results after Multiple Session


It is always advisable to do up to six to eight rounds of treatment, along with a series of top-up sessions. 


This should be done within the space of one week, and instantly, you will be getting the result a week after. 



However, keep it in mind that it requires consistency before you get your desired result. You must keep doing it until you get a perfect result.

 Fast At-Home solution for your underarms hairs

I know professional laser hair removal can be expensive. Have you tried the Homiley Silky Skin IPL hair removal device? 

Well, I guess the answer is no! Why not embrace something that can allow you to do your treatment from the comfort of your home.  

Save hundreds of dollars and reserve your energy from the unnecessary booking of sessions in clinics or saloon. 

Say goodbye to waxing and shaving and mind-boggling dark armpit and embrace Homiley DIY Laser Hair Removal products.



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