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Can laser hair removal stimulate hair growth?

No. laser hair removal does not stimulate hair growth. Furthermore, the main objective of laser treatment is to remove unwanted hair and stop it from growing back.

The stimulation of hair growth is clearly the opposite of how laser hair treatment works.

However, cases of hair stimulation are rare and mainly occur when a non-professional carries out the treatment or when the right technology is used.

If the energy used during the laser hair removal device is insufficient to destroy the hair follicle, there may be excessive hair regrowth.

That is why you need homiley beauty rose IPL device to carry out your treatment in the comfort of your home. The at-home ipl is one of the safest devices, most effective, and simple to use.


Will hair grow back after IPL treatment?

The answer is no. Hair will not grow back after Ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation etc. However, this doesn’t apply to Home IPL hair removal treatment since the device’s sole aim is to destroy the hair follicle and stop hair regrowth.

The IPL doesn’t stimulate hair growth, and the device also tamed the hair growth cycle called the anagen cycle.

There is a strong possibility that brand new follicles may arise but might have the potential to produce thicker hair; therefore, any new growth will be thinner and less noticeable.

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Can laser cause more hair growth?

It is not certain that Laser hair removal causes more hair to grow.

However, the official term for an increase in hair growth experienced after laser hair removal treatment which some patients reported, is from paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Furthermore, Paradoxical hypertrichosis is a rare side effect of laser hair treatment that causes an adverse effect.

It can result from the patient’s hormone responding negatively to the treatment.

To avoid this, you should be medically examined before taking laser treatments.

However, there is not enough scientific conclusion evidence on this side effect yet.

So if you experience more hair regrowth after your laser hair removal treatment, you should see your doctor immediately.


Can laser hair removal make me hairier?

Let’s  find the answer from ONE of our  happy customer reviews;


I was Perplexed, upset about my hairy skin, and I brought this up with a clinic manager, who encouraged me to try laser treatments.

As someone with light olive skin and jet black hair, I will be perfect for laser hair removal treatment.

I started with the most obvious area of my body first, i.e., my face, including my cheeks, upper lip, chin, and neck – but after four laser sessions into a course of eight, each costing a huge £125 a pop.


I was impatient about the hair falling off; I started plucking the hair after each treatment.

Then I realize that the more I pluck the hair, the hairier the area.

I complained at the clinic, and I was told to allow the hair to fall off naturally, that plucking abrupt the treatment and most likely result in a high volume of hair growth.

Soon, I stopped plucking the hair, and I realized I was going completely hair-free . the reality could not be further from what I had imagine-Elena R.


Why is my hair still growing after laser hair removal?

Due to improper treatment, you may be experiencing hair growth after the laser hair removal process.

Despite your excessive hair growth cycle, if a professional carry out your unwanted hair removal treatment, you won’t experience hair regrowth.

Once the hair follicle is appropriately destroyed, your hair won’t grow back, and your skin will be smooth and shiny.

However, if any hair grows, it will be faint and not visible; we recommend you get a Homiley handset to do touch once in a while.

Why do I have stubble after laser hair removal?

After laser removal, some people experience stubble hair due to shaving with a razor before laser treatment.

Stubble means dead hair being shed from the hair follicle, which appears within 5-30 days after treatment.

I recommend buying Homiley lady Silky Shaver for effective hair removal before treatment. With the Electric Shaver, you won’t experience bumps or stubble using a razor blade.


Can laser make facial hair worse?

Your facial hair can worsen if the right laser instrument is not used or done by an expert.

However, if treatment is done correctly, you will not experience hair regrowth for a very long time.

On another way round, you might be experiencing paradoxical hypertension; that is why you need to get an IPL handset to do your unwanted hair treatment at home, following the user instructions carefully.

Is laser hair removal worth the money?

Yes. Laser hair removal is worth the cost. However, Laser hair removal has often been considered a beauty investment with no refill.

The treatment is expensive but does give you value for your money.

Laser hair removal is a treatment done once in a while; when you get your desired result, you can stop.

However, if you cannot afford the cost of laser treatment, i will advise you to get homiley beauty rose ipl to save you more money.

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Does laser hair removal affect hair growth?

The answer is yes. Although, laser hair removal treatment effectively destroys hair roots and stops the hair from growing back over a long period.

However, it may grow back after but thinner and will be less noticeable.


How successful is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is very successful in eliminating unwanted hair from the body.

It destroys the hair follicle and stops new hair from growing.

With laser treatment, you can enjoy hair-free skin for a very long time, and you can control unwanted hair from ever growing again by using a homiley IPL handset for touchup once in a while.


 Do you have to grow hair out for laser removal to avoid ingrown?

NoYou do not need to grow out your hair before laser removal treatments

This is because laser devices target the hair root rather than surface hair; you are advised to shave the day before your laser treatment to enable the beam light to target the follicles and give you smooth skin.


 Can I pull hairs out after laser?

No. You are advised not to pull out loose hairs after laser hair removal treatment.

Doing that will abrupt the treatment and result in new hair formation.

Since the Laser hair removal device targets the hair follicle to remove unwanted hair from the body permanently, you don’t need to pluck or wax the hair will fall off itself.

If you want a successful result, you have to allow hair to fall off on its own.


What happens if you don’t shave before laser hair removal?

If you don’t shave before hair removal, the laser device will not be able to target the hair follicles and may result in burns.

Moreover, your technician won’t go on hairy skin, and they will surely remove hair before treatment.

It would be best if you shaved (Homiley Silky Shaver) before going for laser hair removal treatments, and it is recommended you do it before the treatment day.



Laser or IPL hair removal device doesn’t stimulate hair growth

As we have learned so far laser hair removal or IPL device doesn’t stimulate hair growth, except the treatment has been impacted.

You may experience increased hair regrowth after Laser hair removal treatment due to rare side effects like Paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Which can result from hormonal irresponsive to the treatment. Though these side effects are rare, you should be medically examined before professional laser treatment.

You can simply get a homiley IPL hair removal device suitable for most skin types and do your hair removal manually at home.



The TRUTH about IPL Hair Removal – The Beauty Clinic › 2017

Laser Hair Removal Made Me Hairier

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