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Can Laser Hair removal Work on Ingrown Hairs?

can laser hair removal work on ingrown hair

Yes. Laser hair removal can work for ingrown hairs. Would you instead wait to have an ingrown hair, then seeking around for a solution or preferably find a way to avoid the future reoccurrence of this irritating problem?

If you are currently suffering from ingrown hair, trying to remove them incorrectly may cause severe damage to your skin.

This short article will show you how to identify and prevent or even eliminate ingrown hair without consulting or scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist.

I will know the do’s and don’ts to prevent future growth of ingrown hair and a simple daily routine from keeping your body silky and smooth always.

How do I know if I have ingrown hairs? 

how to get rid of ingrown-hair

Identifying an ingrown hair is easy; you will notice a red bump under your skin. You will feel some intense itching in the first stage and gradually start to see a little red/yellowish pimple. 

It looks like a boil, itchy at a later stage, which often makes you feel uncomfortable. An ingrown hair occurs most of the time when we shave certain areas of our body. 


While ingrown hair may occur on any part of the body, it usually appears in more sensitive areas like the face, pubic area, back, armpit, and chest. 

Do other things cause Ingrown hairs on my skin?

Some susceptible skin people are prone to having ingrown hairs accept it’s done with IPL laser hair removal handsetHere are the major causes of ingrown hairs

  • Razor Shaving can cause ingrown hairs
  • Waxing 
  • Tweezing 


Why it’s important to get rid of them?

Letting ingrown hair to stick around your skin isn’t healthy, as they may cause you harm. Some reasons why you need to get rid of them include;

  • It can cause infection
  • Damage your under hair layer
  • It can make your skin look rough
  • It can cause scars and discoloration

As I said earlier, if you don’t remove ingrown hair, it may lead to other skin infections. At worst, It makes your skin look untidy, irritating, and unhealthy. 

In as much, this problem can be tolerated in men; it shouldn’t be a question of appearance on women’s bodies. 

That’s why you should prevent it from letting it become a problem to solve. 


How to Treat Ingrown hair with Laser hair removal 

Many people may have tried to treat their ingrown hairs with some antibiotics, topical creams, special razors, exfoliators, or steroids. 

All these methods are a complete waste of time if you’re not addressing the root cause.

Laser hair removal is the best way to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair. This treatment is highly effective because the laser energy targets the root hair and destroys the ability to grow. 

What type of laser hair removal do you recommend for ingrown hair?

I am not talking about a professional hair removal clinic, although it’s an option but costs a lot of money.  

I’m not concerned about people who have money to throw in clinics to book an appointment with a dermatologist.

This solution is for people with little budget and wanted to maintain their bodies at home for smooth and beautiful silky skin. First step is to get an IPl hair removal device and use it once every week. 

It will not only remove your ingrown hair but gives you a silky smooth skin that can last up to 6 months after 8 sessions.



Laser hair removal can work for ingrown hairs, and it’s 100% safe to use. It is user-friendly, and the result is faster. 

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