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Can you get laser hair removal on broken skin?

Can you get laser hair removal on broken skin

Reducing the hair on your body can be likened to reducing grass in the environment, and it can be very stressful if you’re still using the old means to do it.
In this 21st century, the tractor is being used to clear the grass to avoid stress, which is the exact function of laser hair removal when it comes to reducing hair on the skin.

It saves time, unlike when you’re using shaving or wax. So far, so good; it has done an excellent job in lightening underarm and reducing excessive hair. By now, you must be asking within yourself, can I use laser hair on my broken skin?


Can you get laser hair removal on broken skin?

Well, the answer to this question is that many have used it to shape the eyebrows, trim mustaches, riddance of underarms hair, and waxing of the legs. However, laser hair removal on your broken skin depends on each individual, so let’s discuss it.

Types of Broken Skin

  • Abrasion: This is a situation whereby your skin scrapes or is rubbed on a hard surface.
  • Laceration: It is a deep cut or tears on your skin surface, which can be caused by accidents involving knives and other sharp objects.
  • Avulsion: It is a partial or complete skin tear and tissues beneath.
  • Psoriasis: It is a skin condition whereby skin cells build up and form scales.

 Can Laser Hair Removal improve the condition of Broken Skin?

Yes, it can! However, you should keep in mind that laser hair removal produces heat, further irritating. For the laser to improve your broken skin condition, the degree of the damage must be a manageable one. If not, it may lead to itchy skin, and it varies depending on the individual skin.

 Advice on Laser Hair Removal on Broken Skin


Laser Hair Removal Tips on Broken Skin

If you are using the laser to treat your broken skin, some care must be followed strictly. They are;

  • Avoid anything that causes friction.
  • Avoid the sun if possible.
  • The use of tanning should also be avoided because it darkens the skin and makes treatment less effective.

Post Laser Hair Removal Tips

Laser hair removal can be used on broken skin and can treat it effectively. But you will need to observe some post laser hair removal care after using it.

  • Tylenol is advised for any discomfort that may occur after the treatment.
  • Use Aloe Vera, ice packs, and wet towels to alleviate discomfort due to heat.
  • Endeavor to use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 for maintenance.
  • Avoid any additional treatments that involve chemicals in the treated area for a maximum of two weeks.
  • To get the best result out of laser hair removal, ensure you complete the full treatment schedule directed by your technician.

 Advice on Laser Hair Removal on Broken Skin

Still, confused about getting laser hair removal? We advise that you consult your dermatologist for further clarification and get some medical directives concerning your skin condition to avoid further complications. 


You also need to be aware that there is a quality that comes with laser hair removal; some are designed for hair removal purposes only, while some have protective measures that help the skin heal quickly. 

This is why you should use DIY Homiley IPL to get a quality made laser hair removal that doesn’t complicate your skin.

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