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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Eyebrows?

Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Eyebrows

Some years ago, I so much disliked those pesky hairs that were growing between my brows. These hairs didn’t only disrupt my well-shaped eyebrows, but they also affected my overall look. As a result of this, I started learning about how to deal with hair around the eyebrows and found numerous methods such as laser eyebrow hair removal.

Can you use laser hair removal on eyebrows?

Yes, you can use laser hair removal on eyebrows. Of course, lots of individuals have used this method to get rid of unwanted hairs around their eyebrows.

So, you can do the same thing whenever you want to do so. Nonetheless, you need to be careful of the methods you decide to use as some may be too risky for the eye which is a delicate body part.

Can you use hair removal on eyebrows

Laser hair removal eyebrows cost

When you are interested in laser eyebrow hair removal, one of the things you would likely be thinking about is how much it will cost you.

In general, the actual price depends on the amount of hair you want to remove and the spa you are using. Besides, some spas offer varying laser packages; hence, this may affect the overall cost of eyebrow hair removal.

At the first spa I visited, I was charged $60 for the laser eyebrow hair removal. After this, I have checked out many other spas, and I think the cost of the procedure is generally around $50 to $80. However, I have heard and seen spas that charge more than $120 for this same procedure.

Eyebrow laser hair removal at home

Of course, most people enjoy removing their hair at home. But the truth is the eyebrow is not one of the body parts you want to tamper with inappropriately because it is quite close to the eye.


I have never tried the standard laser eyebrow hair removal technique on my own. This is because of the risks involved.

So, if you want to have at home permanent eyebrow hair removal, you should let a professional handle the procedure for you.

Don’t injure yourself while trying to use at home permanent eyebrow hair removal. An experienced, certified technician will use a laser to remove eyebrow hair without any hassle.

homiley customer reviewIf you don’t want to visit a spa, then you should think about using the IPL eyebrow hair removal method. I recommend that you get Homiley IPL Hair Removal Handset. I have used this handset numerous times to remove eyebrow hair as well as hairs in other parts of my body. You don’t need any technical know-how or experience to use this tool.

Laser hair removal eyebrow side effects

Foremost, you should note that laser eyebrow hair removal is completely safe as long as it is done in the right way. However, the method is not perfect as it can lead to the following side effects:

  • Redness and irritation around the eyes
  • Crusting
  • Eye injury
  • Burns
  • Skin color changes

However, many of these side effects rarely happen as most clients don’t experience any of these issues after laser eyebrow hair removal. Besides, you would only experience these effects if the eyebrow hair removal was not done properly.

Reading about eyebrow laser hair removal on Reddit

Before I went for my first session of laser eyebrow removal, I spent some moments reading the comments of people on Reddit and other forums. If you go to the forum, you will see that most of the comments are positive. You can also learn more about this procedure for removing eyebrow hair on Reddit.



Do eyebrows grow back after laser?

As you are planning to get laser hair removal for your eyebrows, you might want to know if the results will be forever. After undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, you should expect your hair to grow back.

For me, the hair usually grows back within two to three months. I know some hairy people that often experience hair regrowth in just one month. For less hairy individuals, it could be up to six months before the eyebrows would return to their previous state.

Regardless, you should note that your eyebrows will grow back after laser hair removal treatment.

How can I permanently remove my eyebrows?

How can I permanently remove my eyebrows

Are you tired of your eyebrows? Would you like to remove it permanently? Well, you should know that there is no particular method for removing eyebrows permanently at once. Your eyebrows will always grow back after a single session of any form of hair removal treatment.

However, electrolysis and laser eyebrow hair removal are the only two methods that can provide an almost permanent result. Typically, laser therapy will get rid of around 80% of your eyebrow hair after a few sessions. Besides, the eyebrow hair will become weaker and grow slower after some laser hair removal sessions.

Similarly, if you undergo some sessions of electrolysis, your eyebrow hairs will disappear forever. However, the two hair removal methods are expensive. But Homiley IPL Hair Removal Handset is a more affordable alternative you can consider. It is the impeccable tool for at home permanent eyebrow hair removal.


With just over $100, you can get this handset and use it anytime to remove eyebrow hair. After using it several times, your eyebrow hair may even disappear.

Is laser hair removal safe for unibrow?

Yes, I believe laser hair removal is safe for unibrow. I have used it a couple of times, and the results were awesome. Nonetheless, I have always been careful to go for professionals when using the standard laser treatment to get rid of eyebrow hair.

Using their experience and expertise, professionals are usually more careful with how they handle eyebrow removal. Hence, the risk of side effects is reduced significantly.

In a nutshell, you can have laser hair removal on your eyebrows. I used the method several times to eliminate eyebrow hair. But if you are concerned about your safety, I will suggest that you consider buying Homiley IPL Hair Removal Handset. It is the only tool I always depend on to get rid of hair in any part of my body. It is safe, effective, and easy to use at home.