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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Moles?

Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Moles

A few years ago, I struggled a lot with removing unwanted hair because of the moles on my body. Sometimes, I would have to let go of the idea of removing the hair. Fortunately, things have changed, and I am here to help you to learn more about mole hair removal.

Mole with hair removal

Foremost, I want you to understand that hair removal with mole is quite possible. I have done it several times. Besides, I know others who have removed unwanted hair around moles. So, you have no reason to avoid hair removal because of moles.

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Moles darker after laser hair removal

After my first laser hair removal on moles, I noticed that my moles suddenly became darker. Honestly, I didn’t know how to react to this problem. At first, I wanted to get in touch with a dermatologist, but I decided to read a bit about it online. I found out that it was not really a problem.

In addition, the darkened moles were just a temporary effect as they disappeared after a short period. So, you shouldn’t be concerned if your moles become darker after laser hair removal.

Can I use IPL over moles?

Yes, you can use IPL over moles without any hassle. In fact, I have done this several times with no problem. However, I advise you to be careful during the process of hair removal from a mole.

In addition, you need to be cautious of the kind of product you are using on moles. Based on my experience, I suggest you go for one of these IPL Hair Removal Handsets.


Mole changes color after laser hair removal

Of course, moles could change color after laser hair removal. But this shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you. According to researchers, color changes usually occur in atypical moles.

How to cover moles for laser hair removal

One of the tricks that have always assisted me when using laser hair removal on moles is that I cover the moles. With this trick, the laser will not go directly over the moles. Usually, I utilize plaster to cover the moles. This is especially necessary for large moles.

For small moles, I may cover them with small plasters or a layer of a white kohl pencil. In other cases, the therapist may just carefully avoid the smaller moles as the treatment proceeds.

IPL moles before and after

Each time I use IPL on moles, there is usually some difference in the before and after the appearance of the moles. Typically, the moles will be darker after the treatment than before it. However, this difference only lasts for some minutes or hours. In other words, the moles will return to their original state.

Does laser hair removal affect moles

Does laser hair removal affect moles?

To be truthful, I was somewhat afraid of using laser hair removal on moles. This is because I didn’t know of any possible side effects of the procedure. But now, I am convinced that mole hair removal is not harmful because the laser doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. I have researched it online, and my experience has also shown me that laser hair removal does not affect moles.

Nevertheless, you still need to be careful because of the sensitivity that a laser could cause. I have seen people that experienced swelling and redness after laser hair removal. So, if you want to avoid such an issue, be more cautious during mole hair removal.


Is laser safe on moles?

Yes, a laser is safe on moles. I have used it numerous times without encountering any issues. In fact, I know people that have been using this method to remove hair on moles for several years without any safety concerns. Besides, laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of annoying hair growing on or around your moles.

But if you think your skin is too sensitive or have any concerns, you should not hesitate to talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor will help you to decide whether a laser is safe for you or not.

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Can hair be removed from a mole?

I have noticed that many individuals allow hair to grow on their moles without removing it. Although this is not wrong, it can be quite unsightly to see hair growing on a mole. Personally, I remove such hair instantly from my moles.

So, if you see hair growing on a mole, you can remove it with different methods. Generally, electrolysis and laser hair removal methods are the most common and effective ways to remove hair on a mole. But if you have flat moles, then waxing or shaving may be good for removing hair on moles.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer on moles?

Before using laser hair removal on moles, I heard a terrifying myth of how a laser can cause cancer. But I am glad to tell you that this is an unfounded lie because laser hair removal cannot cause cancer on moles. Currently, many researchers are learning more about the effects of lasers on moles, but nothing suggests that it could cause cancer.

What happens if you laser over a mole?

If you use a laser over a mole, you could affect the cluster of pigment around the skin. This could force the mole to be lifted off your skin. The area would become hypersensitive to touch for more than one week. Consequently, you would experience irritation and itchiness around the area until the sensitivity reduces.


Now, you can see why I have continued to use laser hair removal to get rid of hair around moles. But again, I will advise you to be careful, especially if you are using a highly sensitive laser method to remove hair.

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