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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Your Anus?

Can You Have Laser Hair Removal on Your Anus

The anus tends to be one of the least talked about areas when it comes to getting laser hair removal. But I know that lots of people would like to know whether they can use laser hair removal for their anus. So, you should join me as I shed more light on anus hair removal and laser treatments.

Can you have laser hair removal around your anus?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal for your anus. In fact, a laser is one of the best tools you can use for anus hair removal as it is smooth, fast, and effective.

The first time that I had the perianal hair removal via laser, the experience was exciting.

Based on my research, it doesn’t present many risks; hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to have laser hair removal for your anus if you want to.

Nonetheless, the laser lights made my anus to be a bit more sensitive to touch.

I didn’t know about this before the procedure, so it was a bit strange to me at the time, but after researching, I found out it was normal. However, it didn’t last for a long time as the side effect disappeared after a few hours.



How can I remove hair from my anus?

How can I remove hair from my anus

As I explained earlier, you can use a laser for anus hair removal. But there are many other methods you can explore to get rid of the annoying perianal and anal hair.

Some of these methods will offer only short-term solutions whereas other anus hair removal methods last for a longer period.

  • Shaving – this is a common method for getting rid of hair in many body areas. You just need a shaving razor to get the job done, but too many risks are associated with it.

These risks include ingrown hair, cuts, and burns. Unless someone else will help you to shave your anus, I will advise you to avoid this perianal hair removal method if you don’t want to injure yourself.

The best way to shave your perianal areas is to use an electric shaving machine. Our design is waterproof. You can safely use it to shave while taking shower.

  • Hair removal creams – hair removal creams don’t elicit pain or cause cuts. Besides, you don’t need anyone to assist you to apply them to your anus. Nonetheless, hair removal creams can cause skin peeling, blisters, burns, rashes, etc. if they are not suitable for your skin.
  • Trimming – with the aid of a pair of scissors you can trim the hair in your anus. Unfortunately, trimming doesn’t remove the hair completely. Also, it makes you susceptible to ingrown hairs.
  • Electrolysis – like laser hair removal, electrolysis can offer you a long-lasting result. But it can only be carried out by a trained and experienced professional. Also, electrolysis is quite expensive.

Some of these hair removal methods have a plethora of issues. This is why I have desisted from using most of them for getting rid of hair from my anus.

Nowadays, I use an electric shaving trimmer for removing hair in my anus and at home IPL for other areas.


I use the tool at home, so I don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of opening my anus for anyone to help me to remove my hair. You should try it today.


Laser hair removal For Perianal

When used on the anus, laser hair removal attacks the follicles of hair. Once these follicles are destroyed, they will not be able to grow properly.

Although the results can be long-lasting, some of the hair will grow back.

Hence, you may need more than 6 sessions of laser hair removal before the hair around your anus will stop growing.

In addition, some maintenance may be required from time to time. This will make sure that the hair doesn’t have a chance to regrow.

Is anus laser hair removal suitable for females?

Laser hair removal anus female


Laser hair removal for the anus in females is a relatively common procedure. This is because everyone grows some hair in their butts and anus.

So, there is nothing strange about it. Lots of females visit the spas regularly to get anus hair removal even if they don’t talk about it. The hair removal allows lots of females to have confidence.

Normally, for a female to remove hair from the anus for an extended time, she should be ready for about 6 sessions of laser treatments.

The specific sessions required will depend on how hairy a person is.

Perianal or buttock laser hair removal before and after

Since I have had anus laser hair removal, I am in a good position to describe its before and after situation.

Comparatively, my anus was cleaner, more comfortable, and more aesthetic after the treatment than before it.

Besides, the air was able to flow into it easily since no hair was trapping it. Also, the anus smelt better as there was no hair to trap the hair around the area.


I also got some sexual benefits from it. Foremost, it increased the sensation I felt down there. Additionally, my partner loved it that he didn’t have to deal with bushy hair when having a good time with me.

However, some of the benefits are not just peculiar to laser hair removal. Even electrolysis, shaving, waxing, etc. can offer similar advantages.

Perianal laser hair removal for male

Of course, men can also get laser hair removal around the anus. But how many men would visit the spas to get perianal hair removal? Only a handful.

In all my visits to the spas, I have only met a few men who came to have laser hair removal.  So, I could only imagine how many of them wanted to get anus hair removal.

Because I wanted to write about these things, I took my time to talk with lots of men about this, and they tended to be too embarrassed to visit spas to get laser hair removal for their anus.

Of course, this is understandable as such cosmetic treatments are not traditionally associated with.

But this doesn’t mean that men should go about with stubborn, dirty anus hair.


They can take care of messy hair at home by using a Homiley electric shaving machine. Without any professional supervision, both men and women can use this handset for eliminating wherever and whenever they want.

So, if you are thinking about laser hair removal on your anus, you now understand everything you need to know. Besides, we have shown a safer, more dependable, and more effective alternative.


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