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Capillus Laser Cap Review – $2,000 Experience with the products

capillus laser cap review does it work

I’m a 29-year-old. I bought Capillus laser cap months ago. I don’t usually like reviewing products, but because I had paid almost $2,000, it is worth writing a review to help other people make informed decisions.


Capillus Laser Cap Review


I bought the Capillus laser cap a few months ago for my Mom; At the time of writing this review is 15months, and she hasn’t seen any progress with the Capillus growth cap to date. 


We have been monitoring the treatment and applied as described in the manual. I understand laser treatment does take a while and may not generally work for everyone, but I expected it to work with this price point, but we were disappointed.


However, we continued the treatment for 12 to 15 months, but we still haven’t seen any progressive changes. We couldn’t return this product because the warranty period was over.

After 3 months, we decided to try a different brand Igrowth laser with more DIODs and far cheaper than Capillus. This product has shown some progressive result after 3months, and we expect further improvement in the future.

Why is Capillus so expensive?

Capillus is so expensive because it claims excellent quality and FDA approved. A typical laser hair growth cap equivalent to Capillus Ultra is priced at $700 – $1000.  


The cost of a laser cap depends on the number of laser diodes. The expensive model of Capillus has only 82diods, while a similar type is sold for less than $1000 with over 200 diodes, about 3x its strength. Paying over $1,000 for Capillus is deemed too expensive.


Is Capillus Laser Cap FDA approved?


Capillus is not FDA approved. The company is FDA-cleared because they could prove the product works like another laser growth device like the HairMax Comb and IGrowth Laser.

They claimed they are the leader in this field, were as it already established product in the market selling for past years, nothing new.


Few non-FDA products are effective and less expensive than this brand.  So, if you’re itching to buy a hair growth system, you can save up your dollar to get the least affordable brands.


Does Capillus really regrow hair?

Does Capillus really regrow hair?


Capillux didn’t work or regrow hair as we anticipated. We thought it would work as they promised but haven’t seen any results. Another major fault is the manufacturing defects. After some months, it started losing battery power.


We have also tried contacting them regarding this, but they said they could not fix it because we had exceeded the warranty period. If it’s still within the warranty period and you want to return it, be ready to pay a $200 restocking fee.

Can you use Capillus Laser Cap on wet hair?

It’s not advisable to wear Capillus or any diode emitting energy on wet hair. Before you wear the cap, make sure your hair is well dried and cleaned. There is no general rule of thumb that says it has to be worn on dry or wet hair. 

Can I use Capillus twice a day?

We use the Capillus more than once a day. On their website, It says no adverse effect will occur using the laser therapy for too long. It doesn’t make any meaning to us because the product wasn’t working for us.


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