Cosmed laser spa hair removal reviewHair removal these days has gone beyond just shaving. People now use advanced and professional methods like Electrolysis, epilator, tweezer, waxing to remove hair from hair-growing body parts. Many people even prefer going to a spa-like Cosmed laser spa to have their hair removed.

While this is not bad in itself, why not check out Cosmed laser spa hair removal review before booking an appointment.

How does Cosmed laser Spa hair removal work?


The first thing is to schedule a Cosmed laser spa appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed as a new customer, you have to get to the spa 15 minutes before your appointment for a brief consultation. 


Before the treatment, you must avoid waxing, threading, tweezing, or plucking. Mainly, anything that will remove your hair follicle must be avoided for two to three weeks.


After the treatment, you must also avoid any form of tanning for at least two to three weeks. To remove up to 85% of hair, you will need a minimum of 6 to 8 treatment sessions.


 And if you have any hormonal problem history in your family, you may need more sessions to achieve your desired hair removal result. The hair removal results also depend greatly on your skin tone, hair color, and hair thickness.

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What does Cosmed Laser Spa Hair Removal Cost?

The cheapest session at Conmed Laser Spa costs $90, and it covers hair removal from any of the following; cheeks, belly line, upper lip, feet, areolae, hands, knees, fingers, ears, chin, forehead, and toes.

The most expensive session costs $1900, which covers the full body laser hair removal, and these treatments may require up to 6 sessions or more to get ideal results.

What are Cosmed laser spa hair removal reviews like?

Generally, Cosmed laser spa NYC has treated a lot of customers, and apart from the expensive treatments, customers have had one or two things to say about all the time it takes to get the hair removal done.

The question I now want to ask you is, “Is it worth it?” Spending all that money and time just to remove hair when you can have a better alternative? Check this out!

Best Alternative to Cosmed Laser Spa Hair Removal

I introduce to you, the Homiley Laser Hair Removal handset. For $129, this product gives you a cost-effective treatment better than the cheapest session at Cosmed Laser Spa Brooklyn or NYC location. 

For $129, you get to use Homiley laser hair removal handset nonstop for 12 years. No product can beat a one-time payment of $129 for more than a decade.

You also get to do your hair removal treatment by yourself, in your home, and without booking an appointment with an expert. Homiley laser hair removal handset removes all your hair in 15 minutes, and the best part is that you get to choose the time.

Homiley Laser hair removal Vs. Cosmed Laser Hair removal spa

Homiley laser hair removal

  • Homiley laser hair removal handset saves you a lot of money as it only costs $129 for over a decade. You will need to book at least six-session at Cosmed spa to get desired results. 
  • Homiley hair removal handset works for all skin colors and hair colors while the Cosmed spa does not.
  • With Homiley handset, you get to do the whole process on your own, while a Cosmed treatment session involves a practitioner.
  • If you are the conservative type who does not want anyone to access your private parts, Homiley laser hair removal handset is the ideal option.


Hair removal does not have to be a complicated process. Homiley laser hair removal handset takes away this complexity by putting the power in your hands. You get to do it all yourself without breaking the bank. Get your handset kit today!