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Deess and Glow Skin Co – 100% legit comparison

Deess Hair Removal Vs. Glo Skin Co IPL review

Deess IpL and Glow Skin co reviews & comparison – Interview with Jenny. Do you plan to buy any of these products? Do you think it is worth spending money on any of the above IPL’s?

Homiley conducted an interview with Jenny about her experience with any laser hair removal she had used in the past and thoughts “Homiley IPL.

Deess IPL Vs. Glow Skin Co Review

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Deess Hair Removal Vs. Glo Skin Co IPL review

Question: How did it all get started?

Answer: I received a free pack of Homiley IPL from the company requesting for honest review and comparison with my previous hair removal.

I have used Glow skin and currently using Deess IPL for home treatment. Homiley is now my 3rd laser hair removal.

The results from each of these IPL are typical. In this conversation, I will explain my experience with Glow Skin and Deess, and later Homiley

Experience: Deess Gp590 Vs. Glo Skin Review

Experience: Deess Gp590 Vs. Glo Skin Review

Questions: Tell us your experience with Deess and GowySkinco

Answer: My friend referred me to Glow Skin. Without hesitation, I bought it because it worked my her and the price looks cheap. The result didn’t go well; I think the reason is because of my skin tone.

After 4months of using Glowskin hair removal, I found Deess Laser, and decide to give it a try. I was pricey, anyway, I got it. I didn’t expect it to work as much going by the first experience I had. But the result was terrific. Only six sessions, nearly 70% of hair reduced.


LifeSpan: Deess hair Removal Vs. Glow Skin co Review

LifeSpan: Deess hair Removal Vs. GlowSkinco

Tell us more about the LifeSpan of Deess and Glowy Skin?


Glow Skin ipl still works till today. Am not sure about the life span, in the user manual it says it can last up to 10years+

For Deess IPL hair removal, I don’t have an idea about the life span. I just wanted something that will work well for my skin. Deess IPl works very well; I’m happy with my Deess.

IPL Skin  Compatibility

IPL Skin  Compatibility

Question: Did you have any burnt skin; as a result of using them?

Answer: Both handsets never burnt my skin, or did I had discoloration using them. One thing I do not like about Glow Skin co is the lengthy session it took to do the treatment.

Deess hair removal Gp590 has more power and ability to adjust the energy level. I can do my whole body in 20mins. It may take up to 30minutes in your first use but lesser time as you continue the treatment.


Price Review: Deess IP Vs. Glow Skin Co Laser


Question: What about the Homiley IPL, and Prices. what do you have to say?

Answer: I wish I found Homiley hair removal earlier. When I received the package, I thought to myself, hmm, another small handset? I don’t need any more of this am okay with my Deess IPL, which cost me over $500. I already promised to give you feedback about it, so I gave it a shot after a few weeks.

My friend and I agreed to try it out to see how it works on different skin tones. I can’t believe it worked even better than Deess. In our 4th sessions, about 60% of our hair reduced. Going by the low price of $99, my friend quickly bought hers. I hope she is here with me. 

Laser Hair Removal safe

Question: Do you think Homiley Safe?

Answer: Yes, everything worked fine. Also, I love how easy it can fit inside my bag. The last treatment I did was at the office. It is Kind awkward, but I like the idea of flexibility.  

What your conclusion on GlowSkinco Vs Deess Hair Removal Gp590?

I think most laser hair removal is oaky, but some only works for specific skin types. Deess is recommendable, but the price tag is high and can be used only at home because of the size.

However, If you are looking for an affordable and small compatible handset that can work for anybody, including those areas you feel shy doing at the saloon, Homiley hair removal is the best alternative


“I have done seven treatments so far on my face, and the hair growth has slowed. I will highly recommend this product to anyone. It’s worth every penny!” Homiley Review

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