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Does hydrogen peroxide kill, bleach or lighten hair?

Does hydrogen peroxide kill, bleach or lighten hair

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can kill and lighten the hair. Hydrogen peroxide kills the cuticle( the outer layer of your hair) by withholding each hair strand with its chemical-light effect to dry the hair off, eventually leading to hair breakage.

However, you can try an alternative pain-free method of using the Homiley beauty rose IPL device to eliminate unwanted hair efficiently.

Before we go further, let’s start by knowing what hydrogen peroxide is!

What is hydrogen peroxide?


Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid chemical (water form), which occurs naturally in a small quantity.


However, it will be reproduced in a large quantity at the lab with a combination of other natural neutral chemicals. 


It is sold in pharmacies, salons, cosmetic shops, even supermarkets, and grocery stores. 

It is used in most homes as a disinfectant, bleach, and hair lightener.


Hydrogen peroxide has been ingredient one of the standard hair care products you will find in many beauty salons as it is very beneficial for their blonde hair customers.



The blonde dyes that salons make also include this chemical to give hair the bleached and blonde color. 

It protects and helps strengthen it.


However, the concentration of this chemical in these products is kept low.

It ranges from three to nine percent. Most people bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide or use it to lighten hair and even as a home disinfectant.

Damage to the hair cuticle


The use of hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair may damage the cuticle.

While it is safer for some people’s skin and hair, it can also cause severe damage to some skin, lungs and can cause eye irritation.


Because the hydrogen peroxide needs to enter through your hair cuticle to dye the hair, in that process, it can cause severe irritation to people with sensitive scalp or skin. 


It split and frizzes the hair strand, which can lead to breakage and Cuticle damage.

However, the application of deep aloe vera hair conditioner treatments will help reduce cuticle damage.


How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidative hair dye that causes a chemical reaction in the hair root that may lead to new hair color.

Meanwhile, oxidative dyes are more permanent than other dyes, which means they are more active than other bleaching liquids. 


Treatment mechanisms:

  • Mix the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste, adding a few drops of water.
  •  The use of hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore won’t lighten your hair because it has been neutralized.
  • Which may dry your hair tips out before the chemical reaction can get to the root of the hair.
  • The combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda creates a balance paste that will work perfectly on your hair.
  • Scoop one cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, mix it up and apply it to your hair.
  • Allow it on for about 35 to 55minutes (but not more than 60 minutes) and wash off; your hair will turn out lighter.


How long does it take for hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair?

It takes about 35 – 60 minutes for hydrogen peroxide to lighten the hair properly.


Allow hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in your hair for about 35 minutes. Depending on how thick and dark your hair is and how light you want it. 

And then the longer it stays on your hair, the higher the irritation the chemical may cause. 

Therefore, you are advised to know the nature of the skin or scalp before choosing to dye your hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Does hydrogen peroxide and baking soda damage hair?

The use of these two powerful ingredients in conjunction can damage the hair cuticle. And your skin or scalp is likely to get irritated, especially when you leave the mixture on your hair more than the expected time. 

Despite the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, they can cause damages if you use them too often or do not take precautions. 


If you want to lighten your hair more, wait at least a month before you bleach your hair again, and most significantly, be cautious of your skin type.

To avoid burnt sensations on your scalp or skin, you need to observe the nature of your skin and accurately observe the time when bleaching your hair hydrogen peroxide.


Does hydrogen peroxide cause hair loss?

Does hydrogen peroxide cause hair loss?

image: Medical New Today

Yes, hydrogen peroxide causes hair loss due to its harsh nature. The active chemical reaction that took place in changing the hair color can lead to Breakage from the hair cuticle, which can result in excess hair loss. 

This stress can uproot the hair from the follicles, resulting in hair loss and cuticle damage.


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Can you mix peroxide with shampoo to lighten hair?

You can mix a mild shampoo and hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair. However, it might take a longer time to work since most shampoos are not chemical base, unlike its combination with baking soda, which seems to work faster due to the active form of both ingredients. 

You can apply the mixture of shampoo/peroxide and then allow for 40minutes before washing it off and use condition afterward.


Can you mix lemon juice and peroxide to lighten hair?

You can mix Lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair, and both ingredients will give you lovely blond hair.

These coloring methods work best on light brown hair. Since lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide are highly acidic and can dry out the hair, it is vital to use deep aloe vera conditioning afterward to neutralize their damaging properties.


Is hydrogen peroxide a better bleach for hair?

Hydrogen peroxide is a good hair bleach, but frequent usage and not being cautious of the nature of your skin or improper timing may seriously damage your hair, skin, and scalp. 


It is a permanent way of lightening your hair and is better than some other high chemicals hair bleach. But we need to be cautious when using it with baking soda, lemon juice, etc. 


Can I dye my hair after using hydrogen peroxide?

Of course, you can dye your hair after bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide. They will enable the blond color to stay permanent on the hair, and the color will only be removed by total cutting of the hair.  

However, if you try to remove the color from the hair without cutting it, you might damage the cuticle because the hydrogen peroxide needs to enter through your hair cuticle to dye it. Cuticle damage can lead to breakage and scalp irritation.


Conclusion on does hydrogen peroxide kill hair?

Rose skin Beauty

Though hydrogen peroxide is beneficial, affordable, and easy to get, but may be too harsh for most skin or scalps.

And it may not always work as it seems. 

If you want to kill the unwanted hair follicle, hydrogen peroxide may not give you a satisfying result. 


Therefore, you are recommended to look for a better alternative;

try Homiley beauty rose IPL. It is risk-free and can guarantee a permanent result.

It gets rid of unwanted and gives your skin a glowing appearance.

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