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Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and commonly used methods for removing hair from different body parts. Unlike shaving, waxing, and other popular methods, At home IPL Hair Removal provides longer results. Even in some cases, laser hair removal can destroy hair follicles, thus, causing permanent hair removal.

However, laser hair removal comes with several risks, and cancer is sometimes assumed to be one of those risks. But can hair laser removal cause cancer? Is laser hair removal cancerous? Does doing laser hair removal cause cancer? These are some of the questions that will be answered below.


Does Laser hair removal Cause cancer?

So, let’s start by answering the important question – does laser hair removal cause cancer? Is laser hair removal linked to cancer? No, laser hair removal does not cause laser hair removal. According to many studies, there is no scientific link between laser hair removal and cancer. Although the treatment affects the skin, it doesn’t expose you to skin damage or cancer.

Apart from not causing cancer, does laser hair removal increase the risk of cancer?




Why does laser hair removal not cause cancer?

When looking at the possible link between laser hair removal and cancer, researchers often consider the light emitted by the laser. However, it is important to note that UV light is the primary light that usually damages the skin. The wavelengths of UV light are so much that they can lead to skin cancer and other cancerous growth in the body.

Luckily, laser light is different from UV light. Besides, its wavelengths are much lower than the wavelengths of UV light. Therefore, they only target hair follicles but don’t cause any damage to the skin or other organs in the body.

In addition, the radiation from the laser light is non-ionizing which does not cause any form of cancer. Comparatively, radiation from x-rays, nuclear radiation, etc. are known as ionizing radiation and can lead to cancer.


Can hair laser removal cause cancer in the long term?

While it has been established that laser hair removal does not cause cancer in the short term, there are still speculations over its long-term effects. According to the findings of some researchers, atypical moles could grow on the skin after undergoing laser hair removal. This unexpected growth has raised concerns over the possibility of cancerous growth in the long term. However, no study has established anything about it.

Therefore, you may be afraid of receiving laser hair removal because of the uncertainty over its ability to cause cancer. The fear is genuine, and you may want to consider other safer alternatives to laser hair removal. One of the most reliable alternatives you have is using the Homiley Hair Removal Handset. It is a portable tool that you can use to remove hair from different parts of the world without any risk. After using it consistently, hair can disappear from the treatment spot for several weeks or even months.



Can at-home laser hair removal cause cancer?

Perchance you don’t want to visit a dermatologist to undergo laser hair removal but prefer using at-home laser hair removal methods. So, you may be wondering: Can at-home laser hair removal cause cancer?


IPL hair removal and other similar tools have been particularly designed for anyone to use at home, office, etc. whenever they want. Such tools don’t require any technical know-how or experience to use. Therefore, you can definitely use them at home without having cancer.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful and follow all the instructions appropriately. This is the only way to avoid putting yourself in danger while trying to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.


Can laser hair removal cause other side effects?

While studies are still going on whether hair removal laser causes cancer or not, you must realize that laser hair removal has been associated with other side effects. The common side effects of laser include:

  • Redness and irritation – Because of the way laser light attacks hair follicles, the body may react strangely to the procedure. Consequently, you may experience some irritation and redness after laser hair removal. Fortunately, the symptoms will likely disappear a few hours after the treatment.
  • CrustingThe treated area can experience some crusting. Although skin crusting is not a serious condition, it can be quite discomforting for you.
  • Color changes The skin color may also change to some extent after the treatment. In most cases, the changes will disappear, and the skin will go back to its normal state after some hours or days.

If the laser hair removal is not done properly, you may experience some other side effects such as:

  • Eye injury – this usually happens if you don’t wear protective eye equipment when undergoing the procedure.
  • Blisters and burns
  • Skin infection – as the skin heals, it is more susceptible to a wide range of infections.
  • Scars


When you consider the numerous side effects and cancer risks associated with laser hair removal, you may have a second thought about the procedure. If this is the case, you should not hesitate to go for another method that you can use to remove unwanted hair. Shaving with electric razors, waxing, threading, plucking, electrolysis, and depilatory can also eliminate hair in different body parts.


Unfortunately, these methods can only remove hair for a few days or weeks. Other methods are too expensive, painful, or difficult to use for a large surface area.

The good news is that you can now purchase the Homiley Rose Skin to remove hair from all body parts. The tool is not only reliable but also affordable, as it costs just over $100. The Homiley IPL hair removal handset offers long-lasting results and can be used in the comfort of your home.





Finally, is laser hair removal cancer-causing? No, there is no scientific finding that supports such a claim. Nevertheless, the long-term effects of laser hair removal on the body are still largely unknown. Therefore, you need to be careful when using this treatment to remove unwanted hair. You should rather go for safer alternatives such as the Homiley IPL Hair Removal handset.



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