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Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Infertility?

Just as I always advise people, you shouldn’t undergo any procedure until you have learned about its possible side effects. Lots of us thought about this possible effect of laser hair removal causing infertility. Therefore, I will quickly answer this question based on my experience as well as my research.

Does laser hair removal cause infertility?

So, if you are thinking about whether laser hair removal can cause infertility or not; it doesn’t cause infertility or make you become sterile. We recommend getting at home IPL for safe and effective treatment at home.


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Can Brazilian laser affect fertility?

No, I have not found any scientific study that supports the notion that Brazilian laser can affect fertility. The fact is that laser only penetrates the skin and, as such, doesn’t get to the internal organs that are responsible for fertility. This means that there is a minimal risk of interaction between the reproductive organs and lasers.

To be candid, I have had Brazilian laser hair removal in the past, and the procedure didn’t affect my fertility in any way. My experience is similar to the experiences of numerous other women around the globe. So, you can definitely get Brazilian laser hair removal without jeopardizing your fertility.

Does laser hair removal affect male fertility?

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Nowadays, some men are also enjoying the huge benefits of laser hair removal. However, there is a concern about how lasers can affect male fertility.

Generally, laser hair removal is a safe procedure for removing hair from different parts of the body. The focus of the lasers is to attack the hair follicles; hence, they don’t penetrate too deep into the body.

So, under normal circumstances, laser hair removal should not cause erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, or other forms of male infertility.

However, I often tell men to be careful when getting laser hair removal around their testicles. The skin around this body part is not so thick. Hence, multiple laser interventions around the part could be risky.

It is noteworthy that no study has proven that laser hair removal can affect testicles. But you shouldn’t put yourself at risk.

Homiley shaver

Homiley Electric Shaver

If you are concerned about removing the hair around your testicles, you should use a regular  Electric Shaver.

It cannot harm the testicles; hence, safer than lasers.


3 X faster than a normal hair shaver, and don’t pull the skin even if your hair is coarse and strong.

It is rechargeable, waterproof, and can be used to trim your testicle while taking shower.

I have recommended this device to many men, and they always like the results!

Get this simple and easy-to-use Homiley Electric Silky Shaver.

Does bikini laser affect fertility?

Bikini laser hair removal is a method for getting rid of hair around the bikini line. The lasers don’t penetrate more than a few millimeters into the skin; hence, they can never reach the reproductive organs.

So, it is almost impossible for the procedure to cause infertility or sterility.

However, the bikini area is a sensitive body part. Therefore, you need to be careful about who handles the procedure. Generally, only a dermatologist should do bikini laser hair removal for you.


But you don’t necessarily have to visit a dermatologist before removing unwanted hair.

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