Does Wearing A Bonnet Help Hair Grow?

Does Wearing A Bonnet Help Hair Grow

Are you cautious of your hair health and how it may get affected by certain things you do to it? Well, here we are to guide you all about it. Wearing a bonnet may help you boost your hair growth, and we have a detailed explanation down here about it.

Does Wearing A Bonnet Help Hair Grow?

Yes, wearing a bonnet to bed can help in length retention and growth maintenance of your hair because the main goal of wearing a bonnet is to protect your hair from any hard hair breakage effects. This effect can be caused by cotton fabrics when we are asleep.

By wearing the bonnet, new growth is well protected, helping you retain growth, and because your hair can store moisture, the bonnet happens to be the key factor in promoting hair growth.

Although cotton may feel soft and cozy over your skin, when used as a bandana head wrap or some pillowcase, it might cause serious damage and breakage to your hair too. Why is that?


This is because cotton is highly absorbent, acting a lot like a sponge that draws all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it rather dry and brittle. This is a horrible environment for your scalp to boost proper growth and retention. We will not even get started on what happens to the edges. You may as well say goodbye to that entire hairline too.



While you might have your very favorite magic hair growth formula or potion to get longer hair a bit faster, protecting your hair from rubbing against the abrasive fabrics with your beautiful stain bonnet is great. It helps you in marinating the moisture too, and hence it will keep your hair healthier and help it grow long and very strong.


How To Wear The Bonnet The Right Way?

If your bonnet keeps getting off once you fall to sleep, your hair will be suffering the consequences, and it’s natural to need advice in this case. There are many ways to keep your bonnet on in the night; different things that you may do to make sure this hair protector stays on your head are:

  • You may use the scarf in addition to your satin bonnet. It is not uncommon for the naturals to use a cloth or an elastic headband on the band to keep it on.
  • You may use the spa headwear, which attaches by velcro on the bonnet edges, and that helps keep it in place so it won’t fall off on your eyes,
  • Make sure you are using the premium bonnet by companies such as HOMILEY. If you have those so-so beauty supply bonnets, it won’t work. Get a better bonnet, as most cheap ones will keep falling off even when you have double secured it in place using a bobby pin.
  • Now, as you know, a bonnet helps hair grow. Are you going to get yourself from HOMILEY? You can surely get the ideal price range from them and the top quality. You can keep your hair protected forever!



Wearing a bonnet certainly helps the hair grow, look good, and be healthy. Getting a quality bonnet is the first step. There are many designer bonnets you can buy for an affordable price. However, we recommend the Homiley sleep cap. Great for sleeping, indoor, and outdoor activities.



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