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Electrolysis Hair Removal At Home- 100% Side Effects – Don’t Use!

Electrolysis of Hair Removal at Home

A lot of individuals are dealing with unwanted hair growth in certain parts of their bodies. Luckily, there are lots of solutions that they can consider. Here, we will discuss the electrolysis hair removal at home and the best hair removal alternative.

Firstly, it is worth understanding that laser and electrolysis treatments are some of the most commonly used means of removing hairs. These methods can remove your hair permanently or semi-permanently. 

However, despite the popularity of these methods, they take lots of time and money. Hence, not recommended for several individuals.

At this moment, there is no particular home electrolysis device that has been approved by the FDA. This also casts doubt on the safe use of electrolysis at home to get rid of your body’s hair.

How professionals Electrolysis Works?





It is worth understanding that the FDA has approved professional electrolysis as a permanent means of removing hair. 


This procedure is done by inserting a small probe or needle into the follicles of the hair. 


Afterward, an electrical current used to zap the hair follicle; thereby, destroying the follicle. Once the follicle has been destroyed, it will have no ability to grow back to its rightful state.


Notably, this method depends on destroying the hair at the ideal phase of its lifecycle. This phase is called the anagen phase. If the hair is destroyed during this phase, the hair may never grow again, or it may not grow for an extended period.


Damaging Electrolysis Hair Removal Side Effects

Damaging electrolysis hair removal side effects


However, there are lots of factors that can discourage people from using electrolysis professionally. 

Foremost, destroying one strand of hair in the right phase can be difficult and time-consuming. 

So, imagine how long it will take to do so for lots of hair. As a result of the time and effort required, a professional electrolysis hair removal machine is best recommended for small areas like the upper lip or chin where hairs don’t grow much.

In addition to this, professional electrolysis is an invasive method. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that this method can be painful in most cases. If at-home electrolysis is not done correctly, it increases the risks of scarring and infections. Such damaging electrolysis hair removal side effects are enough to make anyone lose interest in using electrolysis to remove hairs.


Cost of Electrolysis Hair removal

Cost of Electrolysis Hair removal

Ak Clinics

Another critical factor that discourages lots of people from considering professional electrolysis is cost. The majority of the insurance options does not cover electrolysis hair removal cost.

This means that the cost of removing your hair with electrolysis will come from your pocket. A 20-minute session of professional electrolysis can cost you about $60 or more.

While this may seem affordable, the major problem is that destroying hair in the right phase of its cycle takes lots of time. So, if you are removing hair in a large area of your body, it will require hours. Resultantly, the electrolysis hair removal cost can run into thousands of dollars.

Again, if you have been thinking about professional electrolysis, consider its expensiveness, time consumption, and the need for lots of treatments.


Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine

As an alternative to professional electrolysis, you may want to go for home hair removal electrolysis. It is essential to understand that two types of electrolysis hair removal machines are available today. 

However, these two home electrolysis methods/machines have not been approved by the FDA. Let’s shed more light on how these two tools work.

Probe home electrolysis

probe home electrolysisThis electrolysis hair removal machine works like the devices electrologists use for professional hair removal. 


Nevertheless, it is not as powerful as the professional ones. Probe home electrolysis machine comes with a probe that you can stick into the follicle of your hair. Then, you have to destroy this hair follicle with an electrical current. 

The major challenge with electrolysis of hair removal at home comes from the fact that you may not insert the probe correctly since you are not a professional using it. Resultantly, you can encounter scarring or even damage your skin. These are serious electrolysis hair removal side effects.

For electrolysis at home to be effective, you must insert a thin needed that has the same size as your hair into your hair follicle. Notably, many of these electrolysis hair removal machines feature safeguards like a string that prevents you from puncturing your skin. However, the risks of at-home electrolysis remain the same. 

Apart from the possible side effects of this at-home electrolysis machine, there are also doubts about its effectiveness. Based on some reviews, the device may not perform as expected when used by some people.

Due to doubt about its effectiveness, lower voltage of the device, and the risk of its wrong use, don’t be surprised if your hair grows back after trying this electrolysis at home.

Transdermal electrolysis

• Transdermal electrolysisThe second type of machine for electrolysis at home is called transdermal electrolysis. 


This particular device is non-invasive and marketed as being capable of removing hair from your body permanently. 

This electrolysis hair removal machine uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicle; thereby, making it impossible for hair to grow back.

However, contrary to the marketers’ claim, there is no single scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of this tool. 

There are doubts about the ability of the electric current to destroy hair follicles.

As a result of these factors, spending money on getting this electrolysis hair removal machine is considered to be unreasonable. You are better off spending the money on another method that may be able to remove your hair.

Apart from the doubt about the effectiveness of these two methods, it is worth reiterating that the FDA has not approved them. Hence, we are not confident that they don’t cause any harm to the body.

If you can afford it, we advice-seeking professionals to use other tested and trusted hair removal procedures. However, these other procedures cannot be performed at home.


As an alternative to professional electrolysis, you may want to go for home hair removal electrolysis. It is essential to understand that two types of electrolysis hair removal machines are available today. 

However, these two home electrolysis methods/machines have not been approved by the FDA. Let’s shed more light on how these two tools work.

Is There Any At-Home Hair Removal Alternative?

Would you still like to remove hairs from any area of your body without necessarily visiting any professional? 

Do you need an at-home hair removal method that can deliver the desired results? If yes, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Based on different evidence, Homiley is the leading at-home IPL hair removal product that you can always rely on for the best result. 


This product can offer you the top-notch, hairless skin that you have always wanted. Like other laser hair removal devices, this tool works by destroying hair follicles. 

As it performs its role, this device doesn’t cause any uneasy or painful sensation.

Homiley IPL handset offers you an innovative, result-oriented method for shaving all parts of the body. It works as an at-home laser hair removal that does not cost you an arm and a leg and gives the kind of results you crave. It is a great alternative that performs the same job as the expensive professional hair removal therapy.


6months permanent IPL hair removalIn addition to its affordability, you can use Homiley IPL handset at the comfort of your home. Furthermore, you do not need any experience or technical expertise to use this IPL handset. All you need is to read its basic instructions and follow them in detail. In fact, you don’t need the assistance of an expert to get rid of hairs from those hidden parts of your body. Within 10 minutes, you can use this tool for removing all hair on your body.


While performing its functions, Homiley IPL handset does not cause any skin discoloration or burn. It should be noted that this product is FDA cleared and scientifically proven to be effective for getting rid of hairs on the face and other areas of the body. So, when using Homiley IPL handset, you can be confident that you are using a reliable device that doesn’t pose any health risk.



According to dermatologists, the Homiley IPL device can reduce as much as 75% of hair after 8 to 24 sessions. 

This hair removal tool can give upto 6 months hairless free and beautiful skin.

Irrespective of your skin tone, you should get Homiley IPL handset today for a hair-free skin at a relatively cheap cost without any skin damage.

Final words

You are advised to avoid using any of the electrolysis hair removal machines that are available in the market today. This is because the majority of them are invasive and can cause different electrolysis hair removal side effects. Besides, they are not as effective as they have been marketed to be.

Again, Homiley at-home hair removal is a better and more reliable alternative that you can always rely on. It can be used at home without any form of supervision from a professional.


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