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Can I use laser hair removal treatment on my face? Do not use Razor!

can i use laser hair removal treatment on my face

Is laser hair removal treatment Apt for my facial beautification? Using laser hair removal on the face is known to be the best way to eliminate unwanted facial hairs. With a simple At-home laser hair device, you can treat not only your face but remove hairs permanently from your legs, chest, arms, bikini line, and Brazilian.

Everybody loves beautiful and voluminous hair on their head. You collect hair extensions, curlers, and a lot of beauty products for your hair care regime.

But one area where you hate having even a single strand of hair (except the nostrils hair) is your face unless you are a man who loves beard and mustache.

You peer into a magnifying glass and pull out the protruding, stubborn, and dense hair sticking out of your nostril, chin, and upper lip area so as not to catch anyone’s eye.


This tweezing often brings tears into your eyes. But, then beauty can’t be compromised for momentary pain!

Need For Permanent Hair Removal For Face?

laser hair removal from face

Treating the thorny issue of facial hair is a matter of personal choice; some women prefer waxing and other preferred shavings (using hair removing creams), threading, and tweezing. Some also apply a DIY hair removal device to remove unwanted hair. 

Believe me, I have also seen a genre of females who prefer to ignore hair on the face, and many others are ignorant about what to do to get rid of facial hair permanently.

And amid these females is a species of women who prefer to have a picture-perfect face; without a single strand of hair growing unwanted on their face.


Fortunately enough, they must have acknowledged laser hair removal from the face.

Avoid Razor Shaving & Go For Best Technology?

Avoid Razor Shaving hair removal for face

Source: WebMD

As suggested by dermatologists, shaving using face razors is an easy way to get results. However, it is less efficient and has to be repeated frequently. Moreover, it appears less feminine, so many women object to it. 

The myth that shaving makes hair thicker or coarser has been debunked by dermatologists often. Electrolysis is effective, but time-intensive and the chances of causing scars are higher in it. 

Tweezers are also not the right home device for zapping unwanted hair as it can cause infection by the bacteria residing on the skin potion, especially inside the nose.

Therefore very rightly, there is no other method as perfect as laser hair removal if you want to get permanently rid of facial or body hair.

Why Laser Facial Hair Removal Is The Best Option?

 laser hair removal women's face

source: Satori


Using Laser device can painlessly (mild pain is nothing when it comes to getting instant beautifying results) and effectively remove the facial hair and does not render any harmful effects like redness, scars, or swelling. 

Nor does it leads to skin darkening or hardening of facial hair texture even after multiple sessions. 

After a few sessions of facial laser hair removal treatment, you would be permanently freed of unwanted facial or body hair (if you wish to).

Most Common Spots Needing Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Most Common Spots Needing Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Source: Curology

There are some common spots where unwanted facial hair appears again and again; like 

  • chin, cheeks, 
  • upper-lip, and 
  • eyebrows area. 

By opting for laser hair removal treatment, you choose the surefire way out to get rid of unwanted hair.


The laser technique is the most effective treatment for getting rid of unwanted hair on the nose or the chin

This is the only treatment that can permanently eliminate unwanted hair and deter future hair growth. 

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Can i use laser hair removal on my face?


Can I Use Electrolysis For Removing Hair On My Face?



On the other hand, medical electrolysis devices destroy hair growth by using short wave radiofrequency. 

However great this option might be, it comes with side effects. The most common side effects after an electrolysis session are swelling, redness, and tenderness. 

If the electrolysis treatment is improperly done, it can cause infection and permanent scarring.


Benefits Of Facial Laser Hair Removal?

  • Permanently removes unwanted facial hair

It helps you get rid of irritating ingrown hair. As explained by the skinhead of medical standards, laser hair treatment encourages hair to grow straight and is eventually plucked out in subsequent sessions of laser hair removal treatment.

  • Boosting Confidence

Laser hair removal has more than one benefit. Besides helping you in getting rid of unwanted hair forever, it boosts your self-confidence making your facial skin smoother and clearer.

Also, it prevents irritation which is often caused by shaving or threading.

Pretty Fast Process For Facial Hair Removal

Pretty Fast Process For Facial Hair Removal

Step 1: Proceed to the details page and place your order. It takes less than 5mins.


Step 2: We prepare and ship your item within 24hrs. Your item will arrive at 14- 21 working days depending on your location.

Step 3: Once you have received your package and before your start, your hair removal sessions, read the instructions and follow as directed. 

Step 4: Make sure you have a clean shave using a shaving knife included in your packages and start your body treatment. 

Step 5: After the laser session, you can reapply touch-ups as directed in the instruction paper.  

It takes around 2 to 3 weeks after your first treatment to notice a difference, and after 8 to 12 sessions of treatment, you will get to see the full result.

Step 6: Make sure to be regular with your treatment for perfect results. Also, because your hair follicles are at a different stage of their growth, you have to ensure each one has a chance to get zapped.


Laser Hair Removal Before And After Face 


Once you have gone under the laser IPL, you would have a perfect smoothness level without any post symptoms of treatment. 

Laser treatment will swipe of your facial insecurities. 

Laser Hair Removal Women’s Face And Must-Follow Instructions 

Listed below is some of the instructions dermatologist suggesting following to prepare your skin for the treatment:-

1) Think about the Sun Seriously


Stay away from direct sunlight exposure for protecting the hair follicles of your face; at least six weeks before the beginning of the laser hair removal treatment.

 Please choose using an SPF sunscreen daily to keep your skin smooth and inflammation free. Avoid using sunless skin creams as it can harm your facial skin texture.

2) Avoid Plucking, Dying or Waxing the Hair

It is always advisable not to go with different methods of hair removal simultaneously on your skin. 

Plucking, dying, waxing, threading, or electrolysis disturbs the hair follicles. Avoid using all or any, almost 4 weeks before the treatment.

3) Keep Blood-Thinning Medications at Bay

Once you have decided to go for laser hair removal treatment, keep blood-thinning medication and tablets at a distance. 


Seek your doctor or dermatologist’s advice about what kind of medications (name includes aspirin and other anti-inflammatory tablets) should be avoided before the treatment initiates.

4) Alter Your Beauty Regime and Products Choice

Scrubs, retinol creams and glycolic acid should be avoided two days before and after the laser treatment. Facial skin may get extra dry. 

So, you can add face mists and extra moisturizers to your beauty regime. Dermatologists recommend avoiding chemical peels two weeks before and after the laser treatment. 

Also, avoid fake tan for one or two weeks after the treatment.

In Conclusion 

Salon laser hair removal on the face can be a costly affair, but it is equally effective if you are seriously willing to stop unwanted hair growth permanently.

However, facial laser hair removal in skincare centers is not for everyone; that is why we have created the best alternative hair removal device to help all women achieve perfect skin beauty without a considerable price tag.


The session requirement depends on skin color, but you will see the result in 6-12 sessions if followed accordingly.

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