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Final Thought – HeySlikySkin Reviews Vs. Remington ilight essential hair Removal

Brand Comparison   Ilight essential vs. Hey Silky Skin Reviews

Remington IPL vs HeySilkySkin review– Most professional laser hair removal isn’t budget-friendly, each session costing upward $400. That is why at-home laser hair removal is the best alternative.

I wouldn’t say I like to shave. After experiencing many irritations and burnt skin with different handsets, Homiley Bauty Rose Skin is worth buying.

However, in this blog, I will be limited to reviewing HeySilkySkin laser and Remington ilight essential hair removal system. If you are thinking of buying any of these handsets or wanting to buy something reliable, this review is for you.

HeySilkySkin.com Vs. Remington ilight

Price: Remington Vs. Hey Silky Skin Laser Hair Removal

HeySilkySkin laser hair removal Handset is quite budgeting friendly. It cost only $129 a little higher than $99 (Base budget for most people) and will cater to many buyers with a lower budget. 

Remington ilight: The price is a little high when compared with HeySilkSkin.com brand that can be a big turn off for many people with a lower budget. The cost goes upwards $350 available on Amazon.

Remington ipl: 3/5

HeySilkySkin laser: 4/5 (Winner)

LifeSpan: Remington IPL Vs HeySilkySkin Reviews 

LifeSpan: Remington IPL Vs Hey Silky Skin Review 

Remington epilator: The iLIGHT Pro delivers more power than the previous version and results in more hair reduction in minutes. Remington works 2X better than most IPL, 24 Joules per flash for a more significant hair decrease in fewer treatments. However, it has a lifespan of 65,000 Flashes but super useful.

HeySilkySkin laser hair removal handset:On the other hand, this brand has a life span of 400,000 flashes, lives 7X is longer than iLIGHT Pro, but less useful for body treatment with tougher hairs. It takes more than 12session to see a typical result.

Remington-Epilator: 3/5

HeySilkySkin.com laser: 4/5 (Winner)

Skin Type: HeySilkySkin vs Remington epilator

Skin Type: HeySilkySkin vs Remington epilator

Remington epilator: The iLight ultra device can be used on any part of the body but shouldn’t apply on or around the eyes, eyebrows, or eyelashes. It applies to all genders. However, the ILight system doesn’t support dark skin or over tattoos or dark spots on your skin.

HeySilkySkin IPL: it works on most of the body designed for use on the face, bikini, arm, underarm, legs, and other areas where unwanted hair grows. 

It works for men and women. However, the handset doesn’t support dark skin or over tattoos or dark spots on your skin.

Remington: 3/5

HeySilkySkin.com Laser: 3/5 

Winner: Draw

IPL Safety & Protection  Comparison

Area of use -iLight vs Heysilkyskin  IPL Safety & Protection  Comparison

Remington facial hair removal: FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven for Face and Body. So far, I haven’t experienced skin burn, but we found few reviews customers complaining of shock and power outage when using the device. Though, most reviews I saw on the Amazon Remington detail page were quite positive. Score: 2/5

HeSilkySkin laser hair removal handset: As of the date writing this review, hair removal has no FDA approval. They claim the handset is clinically tested and used by dermatologists. 

Remington: 4/5 (Winner) 

Ilight essential: Generally, I think iLight IPL works better when compared with Tria, Silk’n, Kenzzi, and Lux Skin. Score 5/5

HeySilkySkin: The hair removal has nearly or the same functionality with Kenzzi, Lux Skin, and Silk’N. Score 2/5

Remington: 5/5 (Winner)

Remington IPL can work on any part of the body, including the arm, face, arm, legs, and bikini lines. The laser face is wide enough to do large areas of my body. The machine applies to both men and women. Score 5/5

HeySilkySkin laser can work on any part of the body, including the arm, face, arm, legs, and bikini lines. It has a bit of medium laser surface when compared with Remington. It applies to both men and women. Score 3/5

Remington Beauty:Won

Final Thought – HeySlikySkin Reviews Vs. Remington ilight essential hair Removal


These IPL’s are lovely products and works for most skin color. Based on my opinion, Remington essential hair removal system is amazing and does recommend it for people with a higher budget and want faster results.

 HeySilkySkin laser does a good job; I recommend it for people with a lower budget and ready to go for more than 12 sessions to see results.

If you are on a budget looking to buy laser hair removal that is affordable and 2X more effective than convention hair removal in the market, Try Homiley Rose hair removal (Mother of all women Handsets)

Homiley IPL presents an innovative and best alternative handset for all women. With the DIY laser hair removal handset, you can get rid of your hair in less than eight sessions. Affordable, small, and easily fit into a small bag. 

Rose skin Beauty

“I have done seven treatments so far on my face, and the hair growth has slowed. I will highly recommend this product to anyone. It’s worth every penny!”


“I love it. I was a bit skeptical initially, but I have noticed significant differences in growth and thickness. I am happy with this product.”

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