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Nood IPL?? Get Homiley Laser Hair Removal [99% safe] Review

Homiley IPL Vs Nood laser hair removal Review

Do you want to buy Nood IPl laser hair removal and probably looking for reviews to clear your doubts before making an informed decision?

This article presents a simple, short, and unbiased review of Nood and Homiley hair removal. 


Homiley Versus Nood IPl Review

We will compare

  • Price
  • LifeSpan
  • Safety usage
  • Area of use
  • Skin compatibility
  • Pros & Cons, and our final review thoughts between Nood IPL and Homiley.

Homiley Vs. Nood Flasher Review

Let’s find out if nood flasher is worth buying from this short comparison with Homiley IPL. 

Price comparison review: Is Nood affordable?

The cost of Nood IPL is $169, while Homiley sells for $109. So, Homiley is affordable, about $50 lower than Nood.

For average budget buyers, Homiley will conveniently fit into your budget for such a quality product.


Life Span review (Homiley Vs Nood IPL)

homiley vs nood ipl lifespan

Nood laser hair removal device designed to last no longer than 400,000 flashes; In comparison, Homiley handset is built to last up to 1million flashes which is 2X Nood.

In case you do not understand what flashes mean, let me explain.

All IPL emits light when using it on your body. For every light that emits is equal to one flash.

  • Emits 100 lights = 100 Flashes
  • Emits 500 lights = 500 Flashes

It continues to degrade until you hit the maximum built-in flashes.

Skin compatibility review

Homiley versus nood hair removal color and skin color chat compatibility

Nood laser hair removal is compatible with fewer skin and hair colors (dark, brown, blond)


However, Homiley is compatible with most skin & hair colors and applicable for blond, white, light & dark brown, etc.

You can fact-check the skin and hair color compatibility on our user manual.

Safety Use – Is Nood Flasher better than Homiley?

Safety is paramount when it comes to using IPl hair removal devices. 

As you can see below, Homiley is made with a Quartz lamp with the ability to filter 99.99% harmful light.

However, Nood ipl device is made with an ordinary glass lamp. This means half of the harmful light will pass through this lamp.

Homiley and nood review safety operation

Resultantly, when you consider buying IPL medical device, Safety is first. With Homiley, you are assured it wouldn’t hurt or cause adverse effects on your health.


Area of use: Can i use Homiley or Nood hair removal on any body part?

Homiley and Nood apply to most body parts, including legs, arms, thigh, face, back, armpit, belly, upper lips, etc.

However, Homiley has more comprehensive coverage than Nood IPl.

Homiley IPL hair removal is suitable for the Bikini area, Holywood bikini, and breast or nipple.

at home ipl laser

More Nood Review Questions

  • Does Nood Laser hair removal really work?

Yes. Based on our review, Nood seems to work for some people.

However, if you’re looking for a more advanced IPL that is suitable for treatment on any part of the body, consider buying Homiley.

  • IS Nood painful (Before and After)?

Nood hair removal just like other devices is not painful. You will experience tickling pain using the handset.

It’s paramount you read the instruction before use.


Nood company recommends using the device twice a week for the first 2 months and once a week Once every 3 – 6months.

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