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How Much is Bikini Waxing in the USA or the UK?

how much is bikini wax price or cost in usa or uk

When you are planning to go for bikini waxing, you would probably be concerned about knowing the bikini wax cost. Well, there is no one-size-fits-all cost for bikini waxing. In other words, different spas in various places charge different prices for bikini waxing. 


Nevertheless, there is an average bikini wax price that can assist you to have an idea of how much you should budget for bikini waxing.


Below, we will give you the average bikini wax cost in both the USA and the UK.

How much is bikini waxing in the USA?

Typically, you should budget at least \$15 for full bikini wax in the USA. When compared to the bikini wax price in many other places, bikini waxing is relatively affordable in the US. 

However, you should realize that the price could be significantly higher than the average cost in some high-end salons.


How much is bikini waxing in the UK?

If you are getting a bikini wax in London, you should be ready to pay around £20 for the service. But in some other places around the United Kingdom, you may be able to get bikini waxing for about £15.

How much is male bikini wax?

Generally, a male bikini wax is charged differently from that of females. This is because it is a specialized service that only a few men enjoy.

Therefore, you should be ready to pay more for a male bikini wax. In the US, male bikini wax price is around $50.

Comparatively, you will have to pay about £35 or more for male full bikini wax in the UK.

Having noted the bikini wax price for males and females in the UK and USA, you should note that the price is for a session. The hair will grow back within 3 to 6 weeks; hence, you will have to for another session.


 Hence, in the long run, the cost of bikini wax can run into hundreds of pounds or dollars every year.

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What are the factors affecting the cost of bikini waxing?

full bikini wax

Although there is an average bikini wax price, the actual price varies from one salon to another. Nevertheless, you should note that the following factors will affect how much you will pay for bikini waxing:

  • Professional service vs. DIY

If you want to do it yourself (DIY), you should note that the bikini wax cost will be quite tricky to calculate. Foremost, you will need to spend money on getting the essentials such as wax, wax warmer, cleanser, wax remover, after-wax gel, applicator, etc.

These items will cost you lots of money. However, you can use the tools for a long time as long as you can maintain them.


Hence, they will save you money on bikini waxing in the long run.

However, professional waxing tends to produce the best results. This is because of the experience and expertise of the wax technicians.

They know the right things to do; thus, reducing the risk of infections, scarring, burns, etc.

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  • The first or subsequent waxing

If you are going for your first bikini waxing, you are likely going to pay more. This is because the professionals will use some products to prepare the area before waxing it. 

Besides, they will trim the hair in the area so that waxing will be possible. Also, wax technicians will probably use more wax and strips for your first waxing session.

But subsequent waxing may not need extra preparation. As long as the area is well maintained, the technicians will need fewer strips and wax. Therefore, subsequent waxing sessions may be cheaper.

  • The types of waxes and products to be used

Additionally, the types of waxes and products to be used will affect the bikini wax cost. In general, some products are more expensive than others. Most high-end salons will go for the costlier products.

Furthermore, the types of waxes will determine the type of products that must be used.

Some of the common types of waxes available are warm soft wax, cold soft wax, warm hard wax, sugar wax, fruit wax, and chocolate wax.

  • The salon you want to use

In the UK and the USA, spas come in different classes. Some are considered to be high-end spas whereas others are medium- or low-quality salons. Therefore, the classes of the spas will affect how much they will charge for bikini waxing services.

For instance, a high-end salon in New York City could charge as much as $100 for bikini waxing.

However, a low-quality spa in Jacksonville may charge only $20 for the same service. So, you should consider the level of a salon as you budget for a bikini wax.


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  • The amount of hair in the area

In some spas, you will be charged based on the amount of hair in the bikini region. If you have lots of hair in the area, you will have to pay more than someone with scantier hair in the bikini line.

So, as you are budgeting for the bikini wax price, don’t hesitate to think about the hair growth in your bikini area.

Without mincing words, waxing is one of the most common ways of removing hair in the bikini area. Although its initial cost for a session can be seemingly affordable, the cost can increase significantly over time. So, you may want to consider an alternative means for removing bikini hair.