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How Painful is Bikini and Brazilian Waxing?

How Painful is Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

So, you have finally decided to go for bikini and Brazilian waxing. At this point, one of the things you would probably be concerned about is the level of pain you may need to endure when waxing your bikini line.

Without mincing words, bikini and Brazilian waxing styles are quite painful. This is because the genital area contains numerous nerves. Therefore, as you are waxing the area, you cannot avoid feeling pain.

Is hard or soft wax painful?

Also, if soft wax is used for your bikini area, you are bound to experience more pain than using hard wax. Nevertheless, both types of waxing will cause some pain.

So, you may want to avoid both types and get Homiley IPL Hair Removal handset. This amazing handset removes all hair and doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

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Which is more painful, full bikini Wax, French wax, and Brazilian waxing?

When rated on a scale of 10, the pain of bikini and Brazilian waxing should be around 4. However, regular/full bikini wax and French bikini wax types are not as painful as Brazilian waxing.

Besides, bikini and Brazilian waxing may lead to some discomfort or sensation after the procedure.

How to make waxing less painful

Due to the pain and discomfort involved in bikini and Brazilian, some people may advise you to use over-the-counter pain killer a few hours before waxing the bikini line.

But you should be careful of taking painkillers as they could lead to other health issues.

Therefore, if your pain threshold is low, your experience of bikini and Brazilian waxing will likely be unpleasant. But don’t worry as you can get rid of the bikini hair without waxing.

Try Homiley Beauty Rose hair Removal. Without causing any pain or discomfort, you can use this hair removal handset to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your home.

How to reduce the pain of bikini and Brazilian waxing?

How to reduce the pain of bikini and Brazilian waxing 1

As shown above, bikini and Brazilian waxing are painful, but there are ways to lower the pain. Let’s show you the things to do to reduce the pain of waxing:

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  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation softens your skin and makes it easier for the wax to grab your hair. However, you should not exfoliate on the appointment day for waxing because this will make your skin oversensitive to pain and cause skin irritation. Therefore, think about exfoliating your skin one or two days before waxing.

  1. Don’t wax around your period

For most women, menstruation lowers their pain thresholds. In other words, they become more sensitive to pain during or around their period. It is suggested that you shouldn’t wax your bikini line during your period. Also, avoid waxing a few days before or after your period.

  1. Don’t wax long hair

Typically, your bikini hair should be trimmed to about a quarter of an inch before waxing it. If you wax longer hair, you will likely encounter lots of discomfort and pain. Therefore, don’t wax long hair.

  1. Moisturize the bikini line

By moisturizing the bikini line, your skin will remain hydrated for an extended period. In turn, the hydration will reduce the level of discomfort you will feel when waxing your body.

Other tips to reduce the pain of bikini and Brazilian waxing

  1. Avoiding steamy showers, baths or other things that can lead to heat
  2. Avoiding workout immediately after the wax
  3. Relaxing for some hours after the procedure
  4. Using hard wax

Why go through so many procedures to wax your bikini line when you could use Homiley IPL Hair Removal handset? You can use this hair removal handset at home without injuring yourself or encountering any pain.