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How to Remove Unwanted Hair Using Pumice Stone

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Using Pumice Stone

If you are struggling with unwanted hair growth in some parts of your body, you probably would have tried lots of techniques. 

One of the common techniques is the use of pumice stone. 

But what is a pumice stone? 

Does it get rid of hair permanently or temporarily? Does pumice stone remove hair from roots? These are some of the questions that this article will answer.

What is a pumice stone?

A pumice stone is known as an igneous rock formed through the cooling down of lava that has a high content of gas and water. 


The formed rock has a particular foamy appearance and is lightweight. 

The use of pumice stone for hair removal is possible because this rock is capable of getting rid of dead skin as well as the hair on the skin.

how to use pumic stone

How to use a pumice stone for hair removal

Having explained what pumice stone is, it is important to describe how to remove hair using a pumice stone. 

If you are planning to remove hair on your body with a pumice stone, you need to get some additional supplies. These supplies may include a moisturizer, a soft towel, as well as a bristled brush for cleaning the stone.

Once you have the supplies, follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use a pumice stone for hair removal:

  • Gather and clean your supplies

Put all the supplies in the place where you want to carry out the process. Before using any material especially the pumice stone and water, be certain that it is clean.

  • Prepare the area with unwanted hair growth

Soak the areas with hair in warm water for some minutes. This is to ensure that the skin around the hair is softened. You can add a moisturizer, oil, or soap to the body part.

In the meantime, the pumice stone should also be soaked in warm water. This is to lower the risk of injury as you use the stone.

  • Dry the target area

Once you are certain that the area is soaked enough, remove it from the warm water. Afterward, use a towel to pat it dry.

  • Remove hair with your pumice stone

Remove the stone and start rubbing it in a circular motion over the hair in the target area. Make sure the abrasive part of the stone is in contact with your skin. 

Don’t apply too much pressure during this process to prevent injury.

Stop using the stone and massage the spot for about three or more minutes. 

If you notice any sore or unusual sensation on the spot, stop the process as you might have applied excess pressure on it.

  • Use pumice stone again

If you don’t experience any strange sensation, use the pumice stone again for removing the hair from the target spot. This should continue until you are certain that the hair in the target area has been removed completely.

  • Rinse your body

Now, you need to stop the process and rinse your body with water. However, if you notice some hairs are still left on your skin, don’t hesitate to use the pumice stone to get rid of them. 

You can repeat this process as many times as possible until you can see that the hair has been removed completely.

  • Moisturize your skin

Once you are done with the pumice stone, you should moisturize your skin with an oil or moisturizer. This ensures that the skin remains soft and doesn’t lose its moisture.

  • Clean the stone

When you are done with the process, you need to clean the pumice stone. Utilize a bristle brush to scrub off the hair on it under running water. 

If the dirt and hair don’t come off the pumice stone, you can apply soap and scrub it thoroughly.

Does pumice stone remove hair from roots?

Does pumice stone remove hair from roots?

So, does pumice stone remove hair from roots? No, pumice stone doesn’t get to the root of your hair; it only removes the hair on the skin surface.


 Hence, you can expect the hair to grow back after some weeks.

According to the reviews of pumice stone hair removal on Reddit and other forums, you need to repeat the process every week or so. 

This further shows that the technique doesn’t remove hair from its roots.

What are the drawbacks of pumice stone?

Before using a pumice stone for hair removal, you should note that this technique has some drawbacks. These drawbacks include:

  • A pumice stone shouldn’t be used for removing hair from sensitive parts of the body. This means that you must not use a pumice stone for hair removal on face, thighs, bikini areas, and underarms.
  • The stone can irritate the skin. Consequently, it can make your skin red.
  • It can lead to a skin infection if the stone is not cleaned properly before and after using it.

Is there a better alternative to pumice stone hair removal?

Based on the various downsides of using a pumice stone for hair removal, you may be discouraged from choosing this technique. 

Well, you don’t have to worry as there is a better and more reliable alternative to a pumice stone. This alternative involves the use of IPL Hair Removal Handset.



These IPL Hair Removal Handsets can help you get rid of hair on different parts of your body without any side effects. 

Since this tools are approved by dermatologists, you can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed when using it.

You only need to use the IPL handset for about 30 minutes to remove the hair on your bikini area, face, underarm, and other parts of the body.

With about 4 or 5 sessions, you can start getting glowing skin like never before.

The IPL Hair Removal Handset is capable of keeping hair from growing on your body for up to 6 months. 



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