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How to Shave Bikini Area without Getting Razor Bumps

How to Shave Bikini Area without Getting Razor Bumps

If you have ever shaved your bikini area, you would agree that having razor bumps is one of the most common fears you can have when performing this activity. However, the benefits of shaving the pubic area in females are many, so it is still recommended for you to shave. 

But you don’t have to get worked up over this as there are proven ways you can explore to shave your bikini or Brazilian  area without getting razor bumps. If you would like to learn how to shave the bikini area without stubble, here are the proven steps you need to follow to achieve a great result.

Get a high-quality bikini razor

Get a high-quality bikini razor

If you want to get a smooth shave down there without having razor bumps, the first thing you have to do is to buy a High-Quality Electric Lady Shaver

This razor is specially designed for this kind of job, so it is not strange that it can provide you with the clean and stubble-free shave you desire.


Typically, an excellent bikini razor comes with more blades and soothing strips to get rid of the hairs without much force. 

Resultantly, the risk of having irritation or cut after shaving is almost non-existent. If you cannot find a high-quality bikini razor, you may want to consider using an At home laser hair removal. This handset is easy to use and lowers the risks of having stubbles.

Don’t allow ingrown hair on your bikini line

Don’t allow ingrown hair on your bikini line

Don’t just jump into shaving the bikini area. Get warm water and sit inside it for around 10 minutes. The main benefit of doing this is that the outer layer of the skin becomes softer; thereby, ensuring that you can remove the hair with ease. 

This step will also reduce the chances of getting any stubble or razor bumps after shaving the area. Get out of the warm water and let your body dry a bit before you continue the process of shaving your bikini area.

Once you have noticed that your body is dry, the next thing is to exfoliate the bikini area with the right product. Generally, you can use a spin brush, or a body scrub or wet washcloth to do this. 

By exfoliating your bikini area, you will eliminate the dead skin cells and also weaken the ingrown hairs. Consequently, you will make it possible for the blade to move nearer the skin as you shave.

Use the right bikini shaving cream

Use the right bikini shaving cream

Many people are fond of skipping this step when shaving their bikini area. However, if you don’t utilize quality shaving cream during the process, you may scrape some parts of your skin. 


This is not only painful, but it can also lead to irritations and stubbles. If you don’t want to start looking for ways to get rid of razor bumps on your pubic area overnight, don’t shave without using good shaving cream. Besides preventing irritations, proper shaving cream gives you a pleasant smell and feel after shaving your pubic area. 

Avoid buying any of those cheap but low-quality shaving creams. Look for a quality one that comes with coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and other sorts of moisturizing ingredients that your body deserves.

These ingredients will offer some levels of cushions that prevent the razor from causing bumps on your skin. Pay attention to the application of the cream. Only use a thin layer on the part of the body that you want to shave.

Know the ideal shaving direction

Know the ideal shaving direction

If you want to shave bikini area without stubble, you must know which direction to shave pubic hair. 

Don’t assume that you can shave in any direction that you like and achieve a great, stubble-free result. Look at the direction of the growth of your hair and shave towards it. 

If you should shave against the direction of your hair’s grain, irritation will likely occur. Hence, you may have stubbles. As you shave your bikini line, be gentle, and ensure your razor is kept downward. Also, don’t apply excessive pressure as you continue shaving. If possible, avoid re-shaving any sensitive part.

Let your skin relax after the process

When you are done with shaving the area, wash off the hairs and place a cold compress on the shaved pubic area. Wait for about 10 minutes before removing the cold compress so that you will not experience irritation. If you have tea tree oil or any anti-redness serum, apply it to the area.

Moisturize the bikini Shaving area 

Yes, it would help if you moisturize the area after shaving it. Typically, after shaving, the shaved area tends to over-dry, which is a common cause of irritation. 

So, it is a must for you to use a gentle moisturizer after you have shaved your bikini area. For the best effects, choose a product with vitamin E, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and other ingredients that can hydrate your skin.

Clean your shaving tool

Now, you are done with shaving your bikini area. Nonetheless, you need to clean and sanitize the razor you used. Rub it with warm water as well as alcohol. This will remove any dirt and bacteria that may be found on the blades. 

Similarly, this makes your razor ready whenever you need it again. However, if the blades are already looking rough and rusty, it’s time you throw the razor away. Notably, only use your razor for only five shaves before getting a new one.

The truth is that the process to follow to get a smooth shave down there without having stubbles is time-consuming and difficult.

 However, if you feel you don’t have the time to follow these various steps, go for an IPL laser hair removal handset. This tool provides a smoother, faster, and cleaner means to remove pubic hair without shaving.

Benefits Shaving Pubic Area or Bikini with laser Hair removal

  • Enjoy perfect hair-free smooth skin for up to 6 months
  • The treatment can be done from the convenience of one’s home
  • You no longer have to worry about skin cuts
  • It completely takes off of all the hazardous skin concerns
  • It gives a comfortable feeling on the skin
  • It works for Bikini, Legs, Arm, Underarm, face
  • Do your whole body treatment in less than 15minutes
  • It’s safe FDA cleared and clinically proven to work
  • It works for most skin and hair color
  • Smooth, gentle hair removal for skin

Note, before undergoing treatment of laser hair removal, your hair needs to be trimmed to a few millimetres to help the sting of the laser pulse.

Adjust the energy level accordingly to your skin color, starting from the lowest.

The procedure is effortless, and the results are long-lasting.

Final Thoughts;

In a nutshell, if you choose to shave your bikini, the crucial thing is that you follow these steps listed above. These steps can help prevent encountering razor bumps and other problems after shaving. What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us.

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