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How to Shave Legs Properly – 9 Best Tips for women

How to Shave Legs Properly - 9 Best Tips for women

How to Shave Legs Properly – I will show you how to properly shave your legs to avoid ingrown hairs. With these methods, you don’t need any shaving cream or lotion that causes irritations.  For lots of individuals, hairy legs are unattractive. This is especially true for women that are dedicated to having smooth and glowing skin.

 Resultantly, several women often invest plenty of time, money, and effort into learning how to shave legs. So, if you are looking for shaving leg tips, this article will provide what you need.

9 Best Shaving Leg Tips For Smoother legs

Here are the best shave leg tips that you must know before shaving your legs. Follow as directed to avoid ingrown hairs, itching or irritations.

1. Make sure you soften your skin

9 Best Shaving Leg Tips For Smoother legs

As long as shaving legs is concerned, keeping your legs soft and wet is essential.

Although there are ways for dry shaving legs, how to do so is usually difficult.

So, before you begin to shave your legs, go to the shower or bathtub to ensure the skin around your leg becomes soft and wet.



2. Always use the right leg shaving products

One of the best leg shaving tips you can get is that you must always utilize the best shaving products.


women shaver can be used while chargingIf you use the right products, you can easily reduce the risk of having shaving bumps, irritations, cuts, nicks, and other issues associated with how to shave your legs.


So, it would help if you took the time to buy all the recommended shaving products. These will include quality electric shaver, shaving gel, moisturizers, and exfoliating cream, etc.

Whatever you do, you should only buy a product that has been particularly made for shaving legs.

3. Trim the longer hairs on your legs

Trim the longer hairs on your legs

If you have long hairs on your legs, you should avoid using your razor to cut them.

This is because longer hairs can be tangled in the razor; hence, disrupting the process of shaving your legs.

Therefore, you should first get a trimmer and then use it to trim the longer hairs. Notably, you can do this in the shower or bathtub while the leg is still wet.

4. Exfoliate your legs for a smooth shave 

For smooth shaving legs, exfoliation is a must for everyone. With proper exfoliation, you are guaranteed a smooth and clean shave that will bring out your skin’s beauty. 


This process will get rid of the dead cells on your legs and prepare them for shaving. Besides, exfoliation can play a pivotal role in ensuring that the razor can reach your leg hairs’ root and get rid of the hairs without much stress. 



Similarly, it guarantees a close shave. If you don’t know how to exfoliate your legs properly, you should try to learn it now. Equip yourself with  7 ways to exfoliate.


After exfoliating your legs, take some time to rest while the applied products are still working. The essence of this is to ensure that your skin gets enough time to soften before you start shaving it.


At this point, you can also consider applying a shaving gel or shaving cream to your skin. With the help of the cream or gel, you will avoid cutting your skin as you shave your legs. 

This will also prevent irritation, cuts, and so on.

5. Use Electric Shaver for shaving your legs

electric lady shaver for women

You may be tempted to use your old razors to save money or for other reasons.

However, this can prevent you from having the smooth legs’ shaves that you want as the dull blades can lead to irritation.

So, throw away those old razors and get a new shaver machine that can get the job done for you quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

6. Shave in the right direction for perfect shave

Direction of shaving is not required if you’re using an Electric shaving machine.

However, if you’re using razor, It is recommended that you shave your leg in the direction of your hair’s growth to get smoother leg shaving.

 If you shave your leg in the opposite direction, you may end up having irritation, nicks, or ingrown hairs.

7. Shave slowly and gently for razor users

Once you start shaving legs, you should be gentle and slow with the process.

Don’t use the razor to press your legs too hard. Shaving gently is a great way to ensure that your skin is not irritated as you continue shaving the hair. So, you must be gentle on your skin throughout the process.

It is also crucial for you to avoid rushing the process. The reason is that rushing can cause uneven shaves, cuts, nicks, and several other shaving problems. Therefore, I will advise you to take your time as you shave your legs.

It would be best if you only shaved your legs when you have enough time to spend on doing it.

If you are feeling impatient, you should think about whiling away your time by multitasking. In other words, combine other activities with leg shaving.


For instance, you can take advantage of the period to listen to some good songs, apply a face mask to get glowing skin, or listen to a podcast.

Any of these activities will take some time; hence, you will have no reason to rush shaving your legs.

8. Moisturize after shaving your legs

Moisturize after shaving your legs

Some individuals tend to get itches on their legs after shaving.

 If you are one of those people, you have to prevent itching by moisturizing your legs immediately; you are done with shaving.

The essence of moisturizing is to hydrate your legs; thereby, preventing them from becoming ashy, dry, and itchy. 

Generally, body butter or hydrating lotion is suitable for moisturizing your legs after shaving them.

9. How to Shave your legs properly in a more reliable way

While shaving may seem affordable, it requires lots of time and effort, especially if you are looking for smooth legs’ shave. 

Additionally, you will probably need to shave every other day to maintain the desired result.


Why waste time and other resources on shaving every day when you can use a more dependable and effective product to get rid of hair on your legs? 


IPL Hair Removal Handset is a well-known tool that is highly recommended for hair removal without shaving.

You can use it to get rid of hair from the bikini area, legs, vagina, and many other parts of the body.

[wptb id=13671]

The IPL Handset can be used at home; therefore, you don’t have to worry about visiting any professional to remove hair from your legs. Furthermore, this product is affordable and easy to use.

So, if you are looking for how to remove hair from your legs, don’t hesitate to get one of these devices.

Finally, Shave less – DIY leg scrub shaving tips.

If you are very hairy, you can start seeing some tiny hair strands within 24 hours. 

Nonetheless, don’t let your quest to have clean-shaven legs force you to shave the legs again. 

When you shave too often, you are making yourself susceptible to irritation. So, consider shaving every other day irrespective of how hairy you are.


You now have a good understanding of how to shave legs properly. With the aid of these DIY methods mentioned above, you’re less exposing your legs to irritation, cuts, etc. 


Also, these leg shaving hacks can help you get great skin without any ingrown hairs. Learn more about how to get glowing skin naturally in just a week.

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