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6 Hacks How to Shave Vag without Getting Stubble

How to Shave Your Vag without Getting Stubble

When it comes to getting rid of the pubic hair around the vagina, shaving is known as the go-to method for most individuals. 

Of course, this is for good reasons as shaving vagina offers certain benefits that most other methods don’t provide. 

One of the benefits of shaving the vagina area is that it allows your flesh to get cool air that can keep it glowing for an extended period. 

Besides, shaving is more affordable and accessible than many other methods that you may want to consider.

However, if you want to shave vag with a lot of hair, you may encounter many issues. Stubbles, irritation, cuts, razor burns, and ingrown hairs are the most common shaving vagina problems. 

Therefore, you need to learn how to shave vag without irritation and stubble.

6 Steps to Shave your Vag without Getting Stubble

Given this, here are the steps to follow to learn how to shave vagina without getting any stubble:

  • Take a shower before shaving vag

take shower before shaving vag

To shave your vag without it hurting, the first thing you must do is to avoid shaving dry skin. 

By shaving dry skin with hair, you are at a higher risk of cutting the skin and hurting yourself severely. So, you should get into the bathroom and get a warm shower. This prepares your skin for the whole shaving process.


It is recommended that you should get a body wash that is gentle on your skin and capable of cleansing it without much hassle. Such a body wash will also exfoliate your skin before you start using any shaving vag hacks to remove the pubic hairs.

In view of these, you should learn these 7 ways to exfoliate and get the natural glowing skin everyone craves.

  • Prepare your shaving tools

prepare your shaving tool

As expected, you cannot shave your vagina without using a shaving tool. In most cases, the main thing you need is a razor. 


I will recommend buying a Homiley lady shaver. It will give you a nice and clean zap void of the common pains, bumps, and scars of shaving and waxing.

In addition, this shaver is 100% waterproof with an antirust effect. You can safely trim your body while taking a shower.


If you wish to continue with razor, then  you want to be sure that your razor is sharp enough to get the job done as quickly as possible. 


This is especially necessary if you have used the shaving stick. Many shaving sticks are designed with replaceable razors; therefore, you must be sure that the tools are ready for the task ahead.

You shouldn’t wait till the razor is dull and unable to shave your vagina again. 


Consider buying multiple blades and discarding each blade after using it for two or three times.


In addition to the razor, you can also invest in good shaving cream. The cream’s primary job is to assist the razor in gliding on your skin seamlessly without hurting you at all. 


Although there are different shaving creams in the market today, go for those with aloe vera and soothing ingredients.

  • Get the right shaving angle


Another important thing you should know about how to shave down there is that getting the right shaving angles may prevent stubble. By utilizing the bathtub ledge, lift your foot to have a great view of the pubic area.


  • Start shaving Vag

start shaving vagina



Consider the amount of vag hair you want to shave off. While some people like it to be cleanly shaven, others prefer to have some hair left to be tickled or played with. 


Also, the frequency of shaving may determine the amount of hair to take off. However, there is no thumb rule for how often to shave pubes. So, the choice is still all yours.


After deciding the quantity of hair to remove, start shaving immediately before the vagina area becomes too dry. You are advised to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Doing otherwise can damage the grain, which, in turn, leads to ingrown hairs, stubble, irritation, and redness.


While shaving, you should take it slow. In other words, shave slowly and ensure that you are comfortable with the shaving angle. You must remember that your comfort and safety are more important than just having shaved underneath the hair.


Notably, it would help if you changed your razor blade from time to time. This is a great way to prevent infection, irritation, and other challenges associated with how to shave your vag. 


If you shave regularly, you must make sure you change your razor blades regularly. Similarly, if your hair is very coarse, endeavor to change the blades frequently.

  • Moisturize after shaving underneath hair



    Moisturize after shaving underneath hairOnce done with shaving your vagina hair, you should pat the area with a towel. Afterward, you should moisturize the area appropriately. 


    We recommend that you get a hydrating lotion or cream for this particular task. Take the time to exfoliate the skin around this region properly. 


    This refreshes your skin and reduces the chances of getting irritation and stubbles. This action can also go a long way in helping you to prevent unsightly ingrown hairs.


    Apart from helping you prevent irritation and stubble, moisturizing your skin regularly can be instrumental in helping you to get glowing skin naturally within a week or so. 

How to prevent ingrown hairs with other products


How Prevent ingrown hairs with other products

When shaving your vag, you should note that ingrown hairs are common problems you may encounter. 


So, if you want to shave vag without getting ingrown hair, you shouldn’t just stop using only moisturizers to exfoliate your skin. You should invest some money in buying a product that is specifically formulated for the purpose. 


Different products can help you prevent ingrown hairs. However, you should choose a product with natural ingredients like coconut oil, tamanu oils, tea tree oil, chamomile extra, etc. These ingredients are known for smoothing the skin while still preventing ingrown hairs.

Is there a better alternative to getting rid of hairs around your vag?

IPl hair removal device can be used to get rid of hair around the vagina (bikini line) and other parts of the body. 

It is worthwhile to know that this innovative tool can be used at the convenience of your home. 


This is because you don’t need any experience or technical know-how to use this handset laser hair remover. 

Besides, you can buy one and use it for removing hair from different parts of your body for an extended period.

Similarly, it doesn’t cause any irritation, discoloration, Stubble, skin burn, or other shaving problems. 

Finally, how to shave vag without irritation or stubble 

Conclusively, this article has shown you how to shave vag and reduce the risk of having Stubble, irritation, etc. 

Nonetheless, you may not still get the desired results in many cases.


Resultantly, you are advised to go for a Homiley lady shaver for shaving your vag.


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