How to switch to Manual-Flash mode

Step 1: Hold for 3 seconds to turn ON the device

Step 2: Short press that “START” button to adjust the energy level

Step 3: Place the laser screen on your body and press the long (rectangular) button to release the flash.

How to switch to Auto Flash mode

Step 1: Hold the “START” button for 3 seconds to switch on the device

Step 2: Hold the long (rectangular) button for 3 seconds to switch to Auto Mode

Step 3: Short press that start button to adjust the energy level

Step 4: Glide gently on the body as it releases flash.

Quick, easy tips/precaution 

1. In your first application, try it out on a small portion of your body first and wait for some time before applying on your body.

2. Start from level 1 in the first week. If its level is okay in the first week, you may go to level 2 or higher. For dark/brown skin color tone, I will encourage you not to go beyond level two. Stick between these levels.

3. Apply it 2-3 times per week

4. Results will take longer than usual because you’re operating at lower levels. Usually, you should start seeing results after 4 weeks of use. (see page 10 manual)

5. Please read the manual before use.

Please note: Results is not instant; it takes but certainly works.