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Is it Possible to Remove Male Facial Hair with an IPL Device?

Is it Possible to Remove Male Facial Hair with an IPL Device

It’s possible to get rid of Male facial hair with an IPL device. However, shaving is required to achieve your goal.

IPL device is an excellent solution for men to remove facial hair without shaving, waxing regularly.

Though, the IPL device works differently than your regular shaver. The IPL purpose is to destroy the hair follicle and prevent the hair from growing back.

How IPL device works for male facial hair and beard

Most men desire efficient hair removal and long-lasting result but are tired of frequent shaving. 

Since shaving the beards only makes it grow faster and thicker, shaving only cuts off the top hair that extends out of the follicles on the skin without touching the hair root, enabling rapid new hair growth.


The only way to achieve this efficient and long-lasting result is by using an IPL device like the Homiley IPL handset, which can be a viable solution for men who want a smooth face. 


This handset uses intense pulsed light technology to remove unwanted male facial hair more permanently.

The device is designed to specifically target the darker hair while leaving the surrounding area more brighter.

The IPL is very effective in removing hair in small areas like the upper lip, beards, or bikini line.

 However, the IPL devices can also be more effective in shaping the beard and eyebrows.

 Are you Considering Homiley beauty rose IPL device to keep your male facial hair from growing in? Then keep reading to find out more benefits.


Is Men facial hair removal safe using an IPL device?



The answer is yes. Most men who have used the IPL device for their facial hair or beard have confirmed it to be very safe and gentle on the skin. Even people with sensitive skin use it, and no health risks have been recorded so far.

 IPL devices  can be a divine solution for your unwanted male facial hair.

 IPL can definitely get rid of any unwanted body hair for males and females. Though, it will take multiple treatments to remove the beards since the hair is often very thick or coarse.

However, if you have a beard that you love to maintain, the IPL device can tremendously help you to shape it in a very beautiful way and keep it well-groomed.


Is IPL effective on a male beard?

Is IPL effective on a male beard?

The IPL device is very effective on male beards. The facial hair found on your lip and chin area can be thicker and have deeper roots than in other places of your body.


It depends on what wavelength you use on the IPL device to treat such an area.

Using the Homiley IPL handset device, you can adjust the energy level to suit the treatment area, enabling it to target and diminish the hair follicle effectively.


How can you make IPL more effective for men’s facial hair?

When the IPl device is set right, it should work for the male beard effectively. Its efficacy depends more on the usage procedure.


  • Shave the area to remove the hair, but If you choose to epilate or wax, make sure you do that a day before your IPL treatment. 
  • Wash or clean the treatment area properly.
  •  Connect the AC adapter to a power socket; long-press the power button 2s to power on.
  • Short press the power button select the correct intensity level for your skin tone and treatment area. The darker the skin tone, the lower the intensity level.
  • It’s necessary to wear goggles during use to protect your eyes.
  • Press the ‘flash’ button.
  • Move on to the treatment and do it session by session.

 How many IPL sessions does it take to remove a beard?

It takes 4- 8 IPL treatment sessions to eliminates men’s facial hair completely.

With the homiley IPL handset, You can expect to see about a 75% reduction in hair after your 3-8 treatment. As you continue your treatments, more hair tends to fall off till all hair is removed.



Conclusion on Is it Possible to Remove Male Facial Hair with an IPL Device


From the above, we have learned how IPL is very beneficial in eliminating unwanted male facial hair.

The IPL devices can be a fantastic DIY facial hair removal solution for men that want a silky-smooth face.

This IPL handset treatment can shape your beards or eyebrow to make them look more appealing in a fashionable way. 

Though this treatment can be done at a clinic at a very high price, that is why  IPL handset ensures you save more and have your effective treatment at the comfort of your home.

One more important thing to keep in mind is to take care of your skin before and after your IPL treatment. 


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