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Ketch Beauty IPL Review – [Don’t Buy] – 99% Try this Hair Removal

ketch beauty review vs homiley ipl laser hair removal

Are you looking to buy Ketch beauty IPL or checking out for reviews before making a purchase decision?

Over the years we have practically analyzed dozens of IPL brands. In this article we are going to review ketch beauty IPL in comparison with Homiley hair removal.

Ketch Beauty Vs. Homiley IPl Review

We will compare

  • Price
  • LifeSpan
  • Safety usage
  • Area of use
  • Skin compatibility

Ketch Beauty & Homiley Comparison Table


Ketch Beauty IPL Review

Homiley Beauty IPL Review





Life Span


10+ Years

No of Built -in Flashes



1 Million

Skin Compatibility

8+ Skin & Hair Color

16+ Skin & Hair Color

Safety Usage at Home

Home use

Home Use


Area of use on the body

6 areas on the body

10 areas on the body

Medical or FDA Approved

Medical Approved

Lamp Type for Filtering


Ordinary lamp (45% Harmful light Filtering Capacity)

Quartz Lamp (99.99% Harmful light Filtering capacity)

Homiley Vs. Ketch laser hair removal

This article shares more inadept and unbiased review, showing the comparison with detailed images of both IPL.

Price review: Is Ketch Beauty IPL affordable?

As I have earlier shown on the table above, the cost of Ketch IPL is $150 – $280, while Homiley sells for $129 (use coupon code to get $20 OFF). So, Homiley is affordable, about $150 lower than Ketch Beauty.

For average budget buyers, Homiley hair removal will fit in to their budget Yet a quality and reliable product.

Life Span review (Homiley Vs Ketch Beauty IPL)

homiley vs ketch beauty ipl flashes

Ketch Beauty ipl handset designed to last no longer than 400,000 flashes while Homiley device is built to last up to 1million flashes, 2X of KB.


If you don’t understand what flashes means, let me explain.

All IPL device emits light when you’re using it on your body. For every light that emits from the IPL is equal to one flash.

Emits 10 lights = 10 Flashes

Emits 50 lights = 50 Flashes

Every emitted light reduces the lifespan. It will continue to degrade until you hit the maximum built-in flashes.

Skin compatibility review

Homiley versus ketch beauty hair removal color and skin color chat compatibility

Homiley is compatible with most hair and skin colors from, white, Blond, dark brown. More than 16 hair/skin color type. Do you have missed color? Homiley will work for you.


However, Sketch Beauty IPL hair removal is compatible with 8+ skin/hair colors.

Safety Use 

Health is paramount when it comes to how we use medical devices like IPl hair removal.

Looking at the image below, Homiley is designed with HD Quartz lamp with the ability to filter 99.99% harmful light.

However, Ketch beauty device is made with an ordinary glass lamp. This type of lamp can filter 45% of harmful light.

ketch beauty ipl and homiley hair removal lamp

Resultantly, with Homiley handset, you are assured it wouldn’t hurt or cause adverse effects on your health.

Area of use: 

Both devices can be use on most body parts, including legs, arms, thigh, lips, face, armpit, and belly, etc.



However, Homiley has extensive coverage. It’s suitable for the Bikini area, Hollywood, and breast or nipple. 

at home ipl laser

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