Soft on skull and well made 


This cap arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

I have hair about 8-10” below my shoulders and it all fits easily in this cap.

I ordered this to wear at night because my skin care routine includes a product with cucumber oil. It was causing my hair to get really greasy, very fast.

This has solved my problem. The large head band holds my hair out of my face all night long. The super soft material is comfortable and stops breakage and frizz.

At the time I ordered my new favorite sleep cap,  I am happy with this order and I highly recommend it.

I am happy with this order and highly recommend.

braid bonnet for girls

The cap looks exactly like the pictures and descriptions in the product details. 

We like the quality of materials used, especially the nice satin inner lining. 

The gray/white mixed graphic design on the outer material is visually appealing, too. 

There is ample space in the cap, so it should accommodate most lengths of hair.
To adjust the opening, they have an elastic band inside a tailored channel. This elastic band uses a buckle, which they do not show in the product details. When the buckle is positioned at the back of the head, it didn’t seem noticeable. Attached are photos for real world images of the cap, with a ruler for size reference. You can see this buckle in two of the attached photos. I also include a picture of the opening turned inside out to show the inner seam and inner lining.
The cap does meet expectations, garnering a 4.5 star rating.

braid bonnet for women