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Homiley microdermabrasion Facial kit

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Homiley Microdermabrasion + Homiley shaver
Price for both:   $68.98
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lux skin microdermabrasion


Have you been considering an alternative solution to get rid of your facial pores

and blackhead with no success?

Have you tried other blackhead removal toolkit with no results?

Introducing Homiley microdermabrasion;

fastest and most effective way to level up your facial look to achieve

Lux and beautiful glowing skin you long desired.

microdermabrasion facial kit

At home Microdermabrasion Care

At home Microdermabrasion Facial Care

✔ Smooth Cleansing

Profoundly exfoliates your skin to leave your face smooth, bright, and insanely soft.

Easy to use at-home

Designed to give you a deep clean treatment from the comfort of your home.

Deep Facial Cleansing

Treatment device to eliminate unwanted skin layers, debris, and leftover residue on the skin.

✔ Saloon grade skincare regime

Delivers a powerful exfoliation smoothens the skin layer, with visible results in 2 weeks.

Get A Revitalized Lux Glowing Skin In 5 minutes


Get A Revitalized Lux Glowing Skin In 5 minutes

In less than 5 minutes,

It vacuums the thick layer of the skin, leaving you with smooth and fresh revitalized skin.

Homiley microdermabrasion Facial Kit

Redefined Skin with our toolkit

It delivers a superior vacuum effect and deep-massage.

Stimulates a new redefined skin.


Homiley microdermabrasion Facial Kit

Gently exfoliates the skin’s outer layer without marks

✔ Removes excess oil that can cause acne or skin reactions.


Homiley microdermabrasion Facial Kit

Microdermabrasion Facial Care – Cost & Benefits

Painless Skin treatment in 3-5 minutes

High-quality design and affordable price

Perfect for getting the job done, leaving no marks on the skin. 

Soft feeling as it gently glides on the skin in a circular motion 


Instant Lux Skin Beauty With Our Microdermabrasion Kit

It’s safe, gentle, and cares for sensitive skin, unlike traditional microdermabrasion 

With microdermabrasion facial skin care, never have to worry about traveling with a bulky device

Our mini blackhead removal toolkit is small to tusk inside your bag and carry on

Microdermabrasion Facial Care - Cost & Benefits

Why Choose Homiley Microdermabrasion?

✔ VACUUMS any dead skin layer in split seconds

✔ REMOVES blemishes and debris from the skin

✔ EXFOLIATES dead cell leaving the skin rejuvenated

✔ SMOOTHENS the skin area with a fine line and improve elasticity

✔ GET RID of Blackhead, Whiteheads, Acne, Pimples, and pores 

✔ PROMOTES blood flow and reduces the aging effect on the skin

✔ ULTIMATELY leaves you with a brighteryounger, lux and rejuvenated skin


Get A Revitalized Lux Glowing Skin In 5 minutes


Proven Results with our Blackhead Removal Toolkit

Proven results:

Over 70% of women that use our blackhead removal toolkit saw visible results in 2 weeks of use.

Superior quality:

Delivers effective suction effect suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

Quick and easy:

Only 3 – 5 minutes per treatment, use 1-3 times a week.

blackhead removal toolkit

kit Package Included:

1 * Except for blackheads

5 * Replace beauty head

1 * USB cable


Microdermabrasion Facial  – Before and After Effect

See what hundreds of customers are saying about Homiley microdermabrasion.

You can’t get a better result without the Blackhead Removal.

To achieve Lux beauty and glowing skin, you need a Microdermabrasion kit today.



Reviews of customer using our Microdermabrasion kits

“I bought one for myself and loved it so much that I bought one for my sister for her birthday” Review

“Visible results at the first use” Reviews

How to use it

The microdermabrasion comes with manual, follow and apply as directed. 


44 reviews for Homiley microdermabrasion Facial kit

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