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How to Shave Armpits without Stubble OR Darkening

How to Shave Armpits without Stubble OR Darkening

Shaving the armpits comes with its challenges, and the primary problem is not even about getting the hair off. You can get the hair off quite all right, but you have to be able to do it without leaving stubble behind. And you cannot go too hard on your armpits because the skin is delicate and nobody likes having sore armpits after shaving. 

When you consider other factors like how hollow armpits are, how you have to comport your body a certain way to reach your armpit and how quickly the hair grows back, you will have to learn the best ways to shave your armpit.

Also, taking care of your armpits goes beyond shaving. It is one thing to shave; it is another not to leave stubble behind or get dark underarms.

7 steps to shave armpits without stubble or darkening?

So, as you learn how to shave your armpits for the first timeyou should also learn how to shave underarms without darkening. You may also be interested to learn how to shave bikini without stubble?

And while you may decide to go without shaving your underarms, which is fine, shaved armpits always look good. Let’s dive into how to shave your armpits without leaving stubble. So, what are the steps to shave armpits without stubble?



Getting the right razor is key to getting your armpits shaved properly. There are other factors to consider, but all these other factors are hinged on how right your razor is. 

The right razor to shave the armpits should have a pivoting handle that makes it easier to reach all the areas around the underarms. The head of the razor should also come with multiple blades to ensure that no hair is left behind after shaving. 

And when you get the right razor, make sure it is sharp. A dull razor only makes the whole process stressful and can cause skin irritation. If your razor is feeling rough against the skin of your underarms or it is pulling at your body, change it immediately.


No matter the method you employ, you should never dry-shave your armpits. 

So, you should protect your underarm’s skin by soaking it with warm water in a bath or shower for a few minutes.

Once the skin has been softened enough, you can then go ahead and start shaving.


how to shave underarms without darkening

Before shaving, it makes sense to shower or a bath to make sure no dirt or sweat is getting in the way of shaving all the hair.

Sometimes it could be deodorant clogging the hair removal kit. Washing also removes bacteria that may get into the skin through hair follicles after the hair covering it has been shaved off.


Remember how delicate and sensitive your underarms are. 

Shaving gel helps moisturize the skin beneath the hair and makes it easier for it to get off. 

Generally, keeping the armpits moist prevents irritation and sore armpits after shaving.


how to use safety razor on armpits

The air under your arms grows in multiple directions; therefore, shaving in a single direction may not yield the best results. 

When shaving, lift your arm and use the shaving kit to move in all directions around your armpit. 

Shave upward, downward, and sideways to ensure complete shaving.


When you finish shaving, rinse your armpit with water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Use an alcohol-free oil or moisturizer on the saved armpit. Moisturizing, it prevents bumps, burns, and irritation that comes with shaving.


how to get smooth underarms like celebrities


Understandably, you want to start feeling crisp and fresh right after a shave, but you should wait a bit. If you apply deodorant immediately after shaving, there is a high chance that you will experience skin irritation. So, give it some time and allow your skin to rest.


Do you crave how to get smooth underarms like celebrities, or how to shave without a razor at home? You can do without a razor. Just because we are used to razor shaving to remove our body hair doesn’t mean it is the best.

An alternative to using a razor is to use At home IPL laser removal handset

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This hair removal kit offers you the ease of shaving without leaving the comfort of your home. 

It gets rid of the hair and leaves your underarm clean with no stubble or dark coloration. It’s also the best alternative to saloon Brazilian laser hair removal.

It also leaves your armpits hair-free for up to six months, and it is an FDA-approved product. 

If you are serious about having hair-free underarms with no stubble, soreness, irritation, or coloration, you should consider products like this.

Your armpits are dark, how do you lighten them?

 Your armpits are dark because of some things that you knowingly or unknowingly do. It could be your deodorant that causes the darkness, while for some people, shaving could be the cause of their armpits getting dark.

Your armpits are dark, how do you lighten them?

So, change your deodorant or switch to natural antiperspirant alternatives like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 

You can also stop shaving with a razor and switch to using IPL laser removal handset instead. 

Exfoliation also helps get rid of dark underarms as it removes the dead cells making your underarms get dark.


There are also some natural ways to lighten your armpits. Check them out below;

  • Rub your armpits with some lemon and leave for ten minutes (10) before rinsing off.
  • Leave some drops of coconut oil on your armpits for fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Leave on a mixture of turmeric and lemon juice for 30 minutes.
  • Leave egg oil on your armpit overnight.

Once you correct this problem with these natural remedies, make sure that subsequently, when removing hair from your armpits, do it with At home IPL laser removal handset.


Benefits of Shaving Armpits

Now that we know how to shave underarms without darkening or irritation, you should know that shaving is not done for no reason. There are many benefits to shaving armpits. If you find yourself making statements like I shaved my arms, and now I regret it,” find out the benefits of shaving armpits below.

  • Reduce Sweating

The sweat glands in the armpits produce a lot of sweat because they are the most active in the body. There is also a large concentration of apocrine glands in the armpit. 

Now, these glands produce an odorless fluid that mixes with bacteria on the skin. So if you do not shave the hair in your armpit, the apocrine glands open into the hair follicles and accumulate sweat. This is usually the cause of sweat patches around the underarms because the underwear is not well aerated.

Nobody wants to experience sweat patches under their clothes when in public as it can be embarrassing. You can reduce the chances of experiencing that by keeping your underarms shaved.

  • Reduce body odor

For people with body odor, the first place to start combating it is from the armpits. As mentioned earlier, the apocrine glands produce an odorless fluid mixed with the bacteria on the skin to give off a pungent smell responsible for body odor. 

Deodorants may reduce this odor a bit, but deodorants will also work better if there are no hair follicles in the armpit. You also get the chance to clean your armpit thoroughly since there is no hair to get in the way of things. And antiperspirant deodorants work best on bare skin.

  • For comfort

Not having hair in the armpits is more comfortable than having hair there. Imagine it gets itchy, and you have to scratch through all that hair to deal with the itch. Nobody wants to be caught scratching at their armpit, whether in private or public. 

And the thing about armpit hair is that it gets tangled and snagged. It’s not fun to have all of that, and even worse, moisture gets trapped under the hair. Digging your fingers into your armpit to scratch it and you come up with moist fingers is not a good look.

  • To look good


While many people walk around with hairy armpits, it seems perfect not to have a hairy armpit, especially if your line of work is one in which you have to go shirtless often. 


For instance, bodybuilders and athletes may not look so good, keeping too much hair in their armpits. And while armpit hair is one of the first signs of puberty, with growth comes the discernment to know when to let that go. 


Generally, it just makes a lot of sense not to keep your armpit hair, and getting rid of that hair is best done with the IPL laser removal handset. 


Conclusion – Shaving armpits without stubble


As far as shaving the underarm goes and shaving without stubble, there is more than one approach.


Using a razor is one way, but it comes with the risk of getting armpit irritation and soreness after shaving, IPL device  leaves you with a no-side-effect option,


It is entirely do-it-yourself, and hair, once removed, can last for months before growing back.

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