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Silk’n Infinity vs. Lux Skin Review

Silk’n Infinity vs. Lux Skin laser hair removal

Lux Skin & Silkn infinity reviews and comparison – So many people complain of burnt skin as a result of using the wrong laser hair removal, I’m not an exception. For past years I had bought dozens of IPL hair removal after another hoping to get a better result, but my experience was extremely horrible.

In most cases, I don’t think the handset is the problem most laser hair removal isn’t designed to work for all skin color.  

So, if your current laser machine hasn’t been working for you, it’s most likely the handset isn’t suitable for your skin or a complete knock off-brand. So, what next? What product do you recommend for me?


Lux Skin Co OR Silk’n Infinity hair removal device


Prices: Silk’n Infinity Vs. Lux Skin Reviews  

LuxSkin.co IPL costs only $59. It’s mainly for those on a low budget side. Lux Skin co offers one of the cheapest and yet a reliable at-home laser hair removal you can find out there. The price looks cheap but still works for many people.


Silkn infinity costs $399, which is a bit on the high side. Customers will always expect much when they pay such a huge sum for this piece of device.



Silkn Infinity: 2/5

Lux Skin IP: 5/5 Winner: 


lux skin co and silk'n infinity flashes and life span

Silk’n Infinity Hair removal can last up to 400,000 flashes (the equivalent of 10+years). Using a piece of electronic equipment for over 10years is big cuddles, only if it works for your skin.


Lux Skin co can last up to 400,000 flashes as well. Both IPL’s have the same lifespan usage. However, we shouldn’t disregard the fact the lifespan of the laser tool may reduce when used carelessly.



Luxskin Hair Removal: 5/5

Silk’n infinity hair removal: 5/5

Winner: Draw

Silk’n vs. Lux Skin IpL Compatibility

Silk'n vs. Lux Skin IpL Compatibility

Silk’n Infinity laser hair removal support all skin tone and hair colors. It comes with an energy tuning level that allows you to change energy levels depending on your skin tone and hair color. With Silkn infinity, you can be confident your skin type is compatible with the handset.


LuxSkin.co handset is suitable for most skin and not compatible with darkest skin tone. I will not recommend people with the dark skin tone to buy this IPL as it might cause discoloration and skin burn. So, Lux Skin falls behind Silk’n in this aspect.

  • LuxSkin.Co IPL Grade: 2/5
  • Silk’n IPL Grade: 5/5
  • Winner: Silk’n laser hair removal


IpL Handset Safety & Protection Mechanism 

Silkn Infinity has an inbuilt Failsafe sensor, a protective mechanism that prevents skin damage from excessive flash. It protects your skin from getting burnt due to high energy tuning. Though FDA cleared 2016, none of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.



Lux Skin IPL doesn’t come with a failsafe preventive sensor. However, they claim the handset is clinically tested and proven to be safe and leaves no red mark on the skin. It could true if it supports your skin color.  

  • Lux Skin: 3/5
  • Silk’n Grade: 5/5
  • Winner: Silk’n laser hair removal

Gender & Area of use

ipl hair removal Gender & Area of use

Infinity hair removal applies to women and men. Designed for use on the face, arm, underarm, legs, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows. 


On the other hand, Lux Skin applies to women and men. It works for use on the face, arm, underarm, legs, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows. 

  • Lux Skin: 5/5
  • Silk’n Grade: 5/5
  • Winner: Draw

Final Thought – LuxSkin co Vs. Silkn Infinity Hair Removal



Silk’n Infinity: I’m delighted by the efficiency and effectiveness of the Silk’n infinity hair removal device. It exceeded my expectations. In just ten treatments on my arm, I saw drastic changes. I have very light skin and dark hair. I did not expect such a great result, but everything turns out okay.


On the other side, Lux Skin co is a big money saver and does work. I tried on the other side of my arm; the result was acceptable. However, the treatment took near 12-15 sessions to get a similar outcome. 


Finally, if you indeed care about getting the result as quickly as possible, try Homiley Rose Skin hair removal. With Homiley, you will half the treatment time of silkn and lux skin combined.


Homiley Rose Skin presents the best, New, innovative, and alternative handset for all women. With the DIY at-home hair removal handset, you rest assured of getting 90% results in less than eight sessions. 

The device is affordable for low budget buyers, easy to use, compact in size, and easily fit into a small bag. Applicable to any part of the body. Use it at your convenience anywhere and anytime—the most flexible handset for women.

Homiley IP handset comes with a gift pack (Simple shave and eyeshield), 50% OFF for limited time, and Fast-free shipping worldwide through convenient online buying options. 

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