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Usually, when people need advanced hair removal services, they go to a salon. Simplicity laser hair removal salon is one of the salons where people go to receive hair removal treatment. 

However, before you purchase any of their services, you should read this review; Salon treatment may not be suitable for your skin, i got alternative idea for you!

How body treatment work at Simplicity laser hair removal salon?

Before you visit Simplicity hair removal salon, you should know that you can only remove 70 to 90 percent of hair with several other treatments. 

Whatever hair treatment you choose depends on your skin type and hair color. If you have grey, blonde or red hair, hair removal salon may not be the best for you.

You also have to find time to go to the salon in person so that a technician can administer the treatment to you. 

What would you do to spare yourself of all that stress? Definitely the at-home laser hair removal handset is the solution.

You also need to avoid waxing, tweezing three weeks before your treatment at Simplicity laser hair removal salon. 

And one week to your treatment, you must have stayed out of the sun. Then after your treatment, you may have a red or pink patch around the treated area, similar to a sunburn.

What are the reviews saying?


Many users have described the treatment as being similar to snapping a rubber band against the skin from many Simplicity laser hair removal reviews. Why should you even experience any pain in removing hair from your body?


What does it cost?


Cost-wise, Simplicity laser hair removal costs $79 for its starter package and even more for its other packages. 


This is a one-time payment that you have to make every time you go for a treatment at the salon.


The Best Alternative to Simplicity Salon & Spa


Homiley laser hair removalYou can get a deal better than all of the above by using the Homiley Laser hair removal. The Homiley Laser hair removal handset makes things easier for you on all fronts. 


You can use it for 12 years, and throughout its lifespan, you get to do it yourself. Imagine spending a one-time $129 on a product that will last you for 12 years. Not a bad deal, right?


With Homiley Laser hair removal, you can do your laser treatment by yourself in 15 minutes and get better results than Simplicity laser hair removal. You even get to do it at a low price and your convenience.

Homiley  Vs. Simplicity Laser Hair removal

  • You spend a one-time $129 that will last you for more than ten (10) years over a recurrent $79 or more for every time you book an appointment at simplicity salon & spa.
  • Homiley silky skin is 100% DIY, while you have to schedule an appointment to get a Simplicity salon treatment.
  • You can treat your body all by yourself without letting a stranger have access to your private parts.


If you’re like me, that loves to take care of her body while at home, you will find this laser handset helpful. 

It allows me to do the little touch-ups on my body to maintain fresh and healthy-looking skin. However, visiting a laser salon isn’t bad, but some people wouldn’t like to do it often.

In my case, I go for salon once every six months while I use the At-home laser hair removal to maintain my skin smoothness every week. For $129 for this fantastic handset worth the price, give it a try and see yourself.  

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