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Kenzzi laser hair removal Vs Tria Beauty 4x Laser Comparison

Kezzi Reviews vs tria beauty 4x reviews

Kenzzi laser hair removal Vs Tria Beauty 4x Laser Comparison

Kenzzi laser hair removal Vs. Tria Laser 4x reviews – Do you have an intention to buy any of these handsets? Have you some bad experience with any hair removal and want to get something better?

I have spent over $6,000 on different hair removal places for 25 sessions until I found this particular IPL that gave the same result as the skincare centers.

 In this blog, I will share my review and comparison between the handsets, and I believe my opinion will help you make an informed buying decision. Let’s dive in.

Tria beauty hair removal laser 4x v.s kenzzi reviews

Tria Laser 4x vs Kenzzi IPL Reviews

Kezzi Reviews vs tria beauty 4x reviews

I have used both products; Undoubtedly, they are beautiful designs and works uniquely.

However, the result will strongly depend on the color of your skin, safety measures, flash, and some other factors I am about to share with you.

Here are my detailed comparison between Kenzzi and Tria smooth beauty laser;

Price Review: Tria Vs. Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal 

Price: Tria Vs. Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal

Tria hair removal laser 4x : When it comes to price, Tria laser hair removal is way expensive as compared to kenzzi. The price goes for $449 on amazon and on Tria’s beauty website. Tria beauty handset is kind of exclusive for those with high-income disposal.

Kenzzi IPL: The price of kenzzi little below $100, a bit affordable for online spenders. The price is relatively attractive to more audience and more sales in return.

  • Typical result time
  • Tria Beauty: 3/5
  • Kenzzi: 5/5 Winner: 

LifeSpan: Trai Laser 4x Vs Kenzzi  Hair Removal 

LifeSpan: Trai Laser 4x Vs Kenzzi  Comparison: 

Tria hair removal laser 4x is professional; I feel the same sensation as the one used in Laser hair removal centers. At first, when you got hit by the laser, your skin goes red, and you will feel mild pain and dies off immediately.

I will say the laser hit hurts when you set it to a high energy level but works. Not meant for those who freak out at slight pain. For only 5-6 sessions, 80% of my hair gone.


Kenzzi: The flash from kenzzi laser hair removal is mild. It doesn’t get hurt as much as Tria does. However, it takes 12 – 24 sessions to see a typical 80% result. We are impatient people that wants something now and fast. Waiting this much time may not go well for most people.

Typical result time

  • Tria Beauty: 5/5
  • Kenzzi: 2/5

Winner: Tria laser hair removal handset.

Skin Type: Tria vs Kenzzi laser Hair removal

IPL handset skin side effect and compatibility

Kenzzi: The IPL can work for most skin color but not for dark skin tone. Please refer to the kenzzi website for skin color compatibility. 

The result will be most favorable to people with white or light skin willing to wait for 12-24 sessions to see results.  

Tria Laser 4X: it works for all skin types and colors. You can tune the flash to the desired energy level to match your skin tone. The CONS is pain and battery life. It consumes a lot of power and takes a couple of hours to charge fully.

 The nozzle is small and takes more time to go through large areas like your leg. But the over results are impressive. Worth the money for me with the time and confidence this gives me

  • Tria Beauty: 5/5
  • Kenzzi: 2/5

Winner: Tria laser hair removal handset.

Safety –  Tria & Kenzzi hair removal Reviews

Safety & Protection  Comparison

Kenzzi: The overall experience with the IPL is just okay aside from the long time it takes to see results. Is kenzzi FDA approved? I’m not sure if the brand is FDA cleared. Does Kenzzi IPL burn skin? I never had burnt skin as a result of using Kenzzi.   

Tria hair removal laser 4x: They claimed they are only available laser hair removal devices cleared for home use. I don’t know much about the claim. However, Tria’s laser is active for the face and body.

  • Tria Beauty: 5/5
  • Kenzzi: 4/5

Winner: Tria beauty.

Area of use Tria beauty Vs Kenzzi 

ipl hair removal Gender & Area of use

Tria beauty hair removal laser 4x: can work on any part of the body, including the face, arm, underarm, legs, and bikini lines. As I said earlier, the only issue I had was the time it takes to do large areas of my body because the laser face is small. The machine applies to both men and women.

Kenzzi has a bit large laser surface and can work on any part of the body, just like the tria. It applies to both men and women

  • Tria Beauty: 5/5
  • Kenzzi: 2/5

Winner: Draw.

Final Thought – Kenzzi Vs. Tria hair removal laser 4x:


If you’re like me with lots of hair, this looks like a good investment instead of throwing money on saloon places.  Read MoreKenzzi IPL Review | My $179 Hair removal Burned Me


With Tria laser, will you notice a 60% -80% reduction of hair in 5- 8 treatments. Tria hair removal laser precision is perfect. With Kenzzi, you will see 70% results for multiple treatments (12 -20 sessions) 


Both handsets work for men, but it takes longer because males have more hair and thicker. If you are on a budget looking to buy laser hair removal that is affordable and 2X more effective than conventional hair removal in the market, Try Homiley laser hair removal (Mother of all Handset)


Homiley IPL presents the best, the innovative, and alternative handset for all women. With the DIY at-home hair removal handset, you can get rid of those unwanted hairs in less than eight sessions. 


Affordable for low budget buyers, small, and easily fit into a small bag. Use it anywhere and anytime—the most flexible handset for women.


Homiley IPL comes with a gift pack, 50% OFF for limited time, and Fast-free shipping worldwide through convenient online buying options. Start shopping now

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“I have done seven treatments so far on my face, and the hair growth has slowed. I will highly recommend this product to anyone. It’s worth every penny!”


“I love it. I was a bit skeptical initially, but I have noticed significant differences in growth and thickness. I am happy with this product.”

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