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Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal – Which is better?

waxing vs laser hair removal

There are tons of methods for removing hair on different parts of the body. Waxing and laser hair removal are some of these well-known methods. If you are contemplating which one of these methods is the best for you, this article is for you as it will explain the difference between laser and hair removal wax.

 Waxing Vs. Laser hair removal


Generally, the waxing procedure is step-by-step. It is also simple and straightforward as you only need a home waxing kit that contains hot wax, a fabric strip, and an applicator. 

  • Just apply the wax on your skin in the hair growth direction. 
  • Afterward, apply a fabric strip to your hair. 
  • Now, pull off the strip in the direction that is opposite of your hair growth. 

In the process, wax gets rid of hair from its shaft. Regardless of the types of waxing you want, wax hair removal at home can be done.

Although you can do this process at home, the best professional wax for hair removal should be handled by experienced and skilled personnel. 

you want to remove hair at home without the need for professional assistance? Homiley hair removal is what you need.

For laser hair removal, there is a need for a high-tech laser tool. This tool is used for attacking the hair root and destroying the follicle. Overall, several sessions are required to get the desired results. 

As a consequence of this process, the hair doesn’t grow for a very long period. Unlike waxing, you need the services of an experienced professional to undergo laser hair removal.

Effectiveness: Wax Vs Laser hair removal 

benefits and effectiveness of wax and laser hair removal

The best wax for hair removal at home can effectively remove hairs in different parts of the body. 

Whether you are waxing private areas or other parts of the body, the procedure will only last for a few weeks since waxing removes hair from the shaft.

On the other hand, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle; hence, its result tends to last for a long period. Notably, laser hair removal is often regarded as a permanent solution. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the hair will never grow back. The only alternative to laser hair removal when looking for a long-lasting result is Homiley hair removal.

Duration: Waxing vs. Laser hair removal

 Is wax or laser hair removal better?

Generally, the best wax for face hair removal requires around 15 minutes.

 Nonetheless, for a larger body part with lots of hair, it can last for as much as 60 minutes before the procedure can be completed. 

So, the duration depends on the size of the part that you are waxing.

For laser hair removal, the procedure is fast; hence, it covers a wide area of the body as quickly as possible. 

For example, you only require about one minute for removing hair in the upper lip or another small area

Advantages or Pros

 Is waxing or laser hair removal better?

One of the most significant benefits of waxing, when compared to laser hair removal, is that it is more affordable as most professional waxing products for hair removal don’t cost much. 

Also, waxing works on different skin tones, skin types, and hair types. Hence, it is a guaranteed means of getting rid of hair for most people irrespective of your hair and skin’s texture or color. 

Although there are professionals doing hair waxing, you can do it yourself. However, you may need to learn how to wax with hard wax, Brazilian wax, or other wax types before doing it at home on your own.

Otherwise, laser hair removal provides a long-lasting result. In some individuals, the result may even be permanent. 

Additionally, the procedure doesn’t take a long period as it can be done within minutes, depending on the area of the body you are using it for. 

As long as a professional manage the treatment, it doesn’t cause any harm or long-term damage to your body. 

Also, anyone can undergo laser hair removal regardless of their skin type or hair type.

Disadvantages or Cons  

how to wax with hard wax

The most notable demerit of waxing is that it hurts a lot, especially if you are using it to remove hair in your body’s sensitive parts.

Also, hair removal wax requires lots of time and doesn’t provide a long-lasting result.

Laser hair removal is generally known to be expensive as it requires a couple of costly sessions to ensure that the hair is destroyed at a particular stage of its growth. 

Although everyone can undergo the procedure, it is best effective on dark hair and light skin.

Considering both waxing and laser hair removal downsides, you may want to look for another method for removing hair. 

And this is where Homiley hair removal comes into the picture. This hair removal handset can be used at home by anyone to get rid of hair in any body area. Besides, it is affordable and effective.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

is waxing permanent

Is waxing permanent?

No, waxing is not a permanent solution for hair removal. However, if you are undergoing hair removal wax, you should expect the results to last for many weeks. 

This method removes the hair in the shaft but doesn’t destroy the hair follicle itself. Hence, the hair can grow back after some weeks or months.

Why does waxing hurt?

Waxing hurts because it relies on a strong mechanical force to pull out hair from its shaft. 

As a result of this, some nerve endings are triggered; thus, leading to instant pain that lasts for only a few seconds. 

Besides, the skin around the part where hair has been removed may be tender for a long period; hence, you may experience some sorts of sensation around the place.

Why wax in the opposite direction of hair growth?

Waxing in the opposite direction of hair growth ensures that you can get enough force to remove the hair from its follicle quickly. 

If you are pulling hair in the direction of hair growth, the pulling force will not be enough; hence, you will feel more pain or may not even be able to remove the hair effectively.

Is waxing or laser hair removal better?

When compared to waxing, laser hair removal is a better method for getting rid of unwanted hair. 

This is because it offers a long-term solution for hair removal. Besides, in comparison to waxing, laser hair removal isn’t as painful as waxing.

Should you wax before laser hair removal?

No, it would be best if you didn’t wax before using laser treatment to remove your hair. Waxing can reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

Does waxing affect laser hair removal?

Yes, waxing affects laser hair removal. If you wax before laser hair removal, the hair will be thicker and stronger whenever it grows back. Consequently, laser hair removal lowers the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

What are the negatives of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can lead to scarring, blistering, or another skin problem. 

It is also costlier than most other methods for removing hair. Similarly, it can cause excessive hair growth later in the areas you treated with the method. Nonetheless, these negatives rarely happen.

What hurts more – laser or waxing?

When these two methods are compared, waxing causes more pain than laser. Therefore, if you want to wax your hair, you should be prepared for the associated pain.

What happens if I wax between laser sessions?

If you wax between different laser sessions, laser hair removal will not be effective at all. 

This is because laser hair removal is meant to remove hair and destroy the follicle. However, waxing removes the hair itself. Hence, waxing between laser sessions means that there will be no hair to remove from the follicle.

Do you bleed after a Brazilian wax?

Yes, you may experience bleeding after a Brazilian wax. This is a result of the connection between a small blood vessel and a hair follicle. However, this only happens once in a while, and the bleeding will be a little.

Does laser hair removal get rid of hair forever?

No, laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair forever. Even though the method is usually marketed as a permanent solution for removing hair, it will likely grow back after several months or years.

Can waxing remove hair permanently?

No, waxing cannot remove hair permanently. This hair removal wax only eliminates the hair from its shaft; hence, you can expect the hair to be back after some periods.

Is it better to shave or wax?

This depends on what you want. If you are looking for a method that lasts for some weeks and gets rid of hair from its shaft, waxing should be your preferred option. 

However, shaving is less painful, more affordable, and more accessible than waxing. Therefore, you should consider what you want before choosing between two options.

What is the best hair removal wax?

Foremost, there are various types of hair removal wax. However, if you want the best hair removal wax for most skin types, sugar wax should be your choice. It doesn’t have many side effects. Other types include chocolate wax, soft wax, hard wax, and fruit wax.

How do you dissolve hair removal wax?

To dissolve hair removal wax, you need to put a cotton pad in olive oil, mineral oil, or massage oil. Hold the soaked cotton pad for about two or three minutes. Afterward, use the pad to wipe off the residue of the wax on your body.

What to do after waxing?

After waxing, you should take a cool shower to lower the risk of irritation. Also, avoid using creams/lotions or wearing tight-fitting clothing for the first few days after the procedure. Also, follow all the post-treatment tips on the waxing products or kits.


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