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Which laser hair removal machine is best for indian skin

Which laser hair removal machine is best for indian skin

Which laser hair removal machine is best for Indian skin or Asians? There are a ton of laser hair removal machines available but may not be suitable for all skin. 

Even the best hair removal machine doesn’t work for all skin color. However, our objective here is spot-on the best laser hair removal suitable for Indian or Asian races.

At Home IPL Vs. Professional Laser Hair Removal for India Skin.

Home IPl and Professional Laser are types of hair removal machine; depending on your choice, they prettily work the same way. However, one is more expensive than the other.


Professional Laser hair removal is an effective laser removal treatment. Most people scare away from this kind of treatment because of its cost, time-consuming, and inconvenience associated with pain and cause hyperpigmentation (the worst problem). 

Treatment on a small portion of your body cost over $50 and upwards of $1,000 for whole-body treatment.

Multiple treatments are also required to have beautiful silky skin, which comes with an unnecessary booking of sessions. 


In general, this treatment is painful (Not suitable for those that freak out on pain ) and may also cause hyperpigmentation scars.

At Home IPL Vs. Professional Laser Hair Removal for India Skin.

While At-home IPL hair removal for Indian skin is a simple device, you can use at home. 

This device is made to last longer than 5 years, which means you will save a lot of money for yourself. 

The IPl hair removal is 100% safe for hair removal and from hazardous skin concerns like pigmentation, rashes, and coarse skin.

Tweezing and waxing are great, but choosing professional laser treatment, you are likely to have blisters, especially if you have a darker complexion.


 So, At-home IPL hair removal is the recommended alternative and best hair removal treatment for Indian skin color.

5 Best IPL hair removals For Indian Skin

Various laser treatment centers can be found within your city for effective hair removal for different hair and skin color, proven to work efficiently. However, if you want to do your treatment at home, here are the best at home hair removal devices suitable for Indian skin.


Deess Laser Hair removal

5 Best Laser hair removals For Indian Skin

Deess Gp590 is one of best IPL hair removal I have used in the past. Why I love this hair removal is because it works irrespective of body skin color. 


Our detailed review between Deess vs Glo Skin hair removal proves it works better than other small hair removal.



It works best on dark and light skin color. The IPL comes with 3-in-1 function that allows you to do other kind of treatment aside from hair removal. 


You can do rejuvenation for facial skin treatment and toning. You can also use the IPl for acne treatment to improve your facial outlook. You can read more about deess Ipl review to learn more.


Cost of Deess IPL?

Deesse hair removal is one of the premium FDA approved IPl hair removals online. It cost about $500+ for new one and used is about $300.


Where can I buy Deesse

Deess Gp590 Available on Juforce ($475 include shipping )– Use Discount code “JUFORCE10” to get 10% off

Available on Amazon US ($300 exclude shipping) Used available

Bruan Laser hair removal


Bruan laser hair removal pro3 and Pro5 is another best IPl hair removal suitable for Indian skin, specially designed for women.

Braun can give you the desired hair reduction in 3 months. It’s safe, and FDA approved. 

It’s clinically approved and tested. It adapts and works for most skin color tone. 


It works for any part of the body, including the bikini line, face, legs, arm, and underarm. The IPl is easy and effortless to use

Where to Buy

Bruan IPL pro 5 for women available on Amazon (costs about $500) 

Bruan IPL pro 3 for women available on Amazon (cost about $250)

Homiley hair removal


Homiley is budget-friendly ipl hair removal for women. These IPL can work for Indian skin. If you have a light skin complexion, then go for Homiley IPL.



The hair removal device can deliver an optimum result in a shorter time. You see a silky looking skin that can last up to 6 months after 12 sessions. 


Homiley is tested and compliant with health check directives. You don’t have to worry about black spots or any  hazardous skin concerns. It’s 100% safe.


Where to Buy

Homiley IPL cost $129 offer price today. Use code “$20off” to get instant $20 OFF upon checkout.


Conclusion Hair Removal For Indian or Asian Skin

If you are looking for a laser hair removal best for Indian or Asian skin, I will recommend going for an Homiley silky skin laser hair removal. They are not only cost-effective but work well and safe.

Why go to professional treatments hoping for silky skin and end up with pigmentations? So, pick from the list of IPL above based on your budget and run with it. I wish you the best of luck.

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