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Why it’s important to shave before laser hair removal

Why it’s important to shave before laser hair removal

It is important to shave before laser hair removal, whether it’s professional treatment or IPL home treatment. Shaving the same day can harm your body or result to some health issues after laser treatment. It is advisable to shave 24hrs before laser hair removal treatment.

When you shave your skin with a razor blade, depending on how much pressure you use while shaving, the skin becomes sensitive and light.

Applying laser hair removal may cause some health issues such as Ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation etc. However, this doesn’t apply to Home IPL hair removal.

Why doesn’t IPL home hair removal require 24hrs waiting time?

If you’re using at home laser hair removal, it’s not important to Wait for 24hrs after before treatment; The reason is that the impulse (energy) that emits from these small devices is small compare to professional hair removal laser.

So, you can apply your IPL hair removal immediately after shaving without having to wait for 24hrs.

What happens if you don't shave before laser hair removal


What happens if you don’t shave before laser hair removal?

If you don’t shave before laser hair removal, it may take longer to see results. 

If you do not shave before laser hair removal, the laser will sing or tangle the hair, resulting in the skin’s burning

To speed up your treatment and for best results, make sure you shave before every session.

Can I shave two days before laser hair removal?

If you don’t have fast-growing hair, you can shave two days before laser hair removal. However, if you opt for professional hair removal, 24hrs is enough to set you for treatment. 

Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on your skin while shaving. Do it with care and gild smoothly. 

What are the important tips to know before your laser hair removal treatment?


Here are some crucial tips you need to know before your laser hair removal sessions. They will set you up for the best result after the treatment.


Shower before shave

Make sure you take a warm bath before approaching shaving or hair removal treatment. This will help clear dirt and any bacteria residing on the outer skin later.

Exfoliate the area you want to apply treatment

For perfect silky skin result, It’s is good to exfoliate your skin before approaching the treatment. The reason is that it helps to clear any dead cell from the skin. 

You can exfoliate using an exfoliator brush or other method. You can read about 7 ways to exfoliate here.

Use a quality razor blade.

This is very important if you want to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps after shaving. Invest in a quality razor blade; you can get an extra smooth shaver with refillable blades. 

Allow adequate time to shave.

Do not rush to avoid cuts. While shaving, apply less pressure and glide the razor opposite to hair growth to give you a clean shave. 

As I explained earlier, you may have slight hair growth over those with fast-growing hair. That shouldn’t bother you. You are good to go.



Now you know the importance of shaving before laser hair removal, do your shaving at 24hrs before professional treatment.

IPL hair removal requires shaving though it could be done the same day before treatment as it’s not harmful compared to professional treatment.


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